Playing catch up...again.

When 2015 began I was determined to post regularly on my blog, but here it is the middle of April, and I am way behind. Maybe I can get caught up and stay on top of it from here on out. We'll see if that actually happens.

January: New Year's Eve in St. George.

We spent New Year's Eve with my brother's family at their new house in southern Utah. Our kids have always gotten along really well but now that they live in Brazil they only come visit twice a year, so we decided to take a few days of our Christmas break to be with them while they were in the country. It was a fun visit, and on New Year's Eve we even let the kids stay up until midnight for the first time. We spent our time there just hanging out at the house so we could visit and the kids could play. It was a nice way to end our vacation.

The girls let Stella do some face painting with her water colors.

The boys were in heaven because they were allowed to play their video games almost every minute they were…
When I saw Richie and Sophia last night, I was reminded of a picture I took four years ago. It is amazing how some things change, and others stay the same.

Christmas in Burley

This year we spent Christmas in Burley and had a wonderful holiday. We had a dellicious Christmas Eve dinner and had the sister missionaries as guests. After the meal they gave a nice lesson about how Jesus was the greatest gift and we should think about what gifts we can give him this coming  year. We had a really nice week with the family and the kids had a great Christmas. The kids got to open pajamas and one other gift on Christmas Eve and they were SUPER excited about Christmas morning. We told them they had to wait until 7 a.m. to come wake us up, but somehow little R got confused and he and Sophia came up at 5:55 to wake us up. Sophia was bouncing up and down and could barely contain her excitement and consequently was NOT happy when we sent them back downstairs. I'm pretty sure they spent the next hour watching the clock because they were back upstairs promptly at 7:00. They spent some time going through their stockings and then moved on to the presents under the tree. Asi…


In Blanding the flu hit our family. The night before we came home Grace started throwing up and then she was sick for about a week. In that time little Richie also got sick, and just when I thought the rest of us had avoided catching it, Josie started throwing up one morning at 4 a.m. That day at about 10:00 the early wake up and the illness caught up with her. We had been snuggling on the chair together and I realized I needed to put her sheets in the dryer so I could make her bed in time for her nap, so I ran down to do that and by the time I came back upstairs I found her asleep in the chair.

Between Grace and Richie getting sick, we decorated the tree. The kids helped Dad put up the lights and the kids put on the ornaments. Quite a few of the ornaments got broken this time, but we don't even miss them. The kids always do a great job decorating the tree. Now everyone is healthy and excited for Christmas Day!


We were much less busy in November, well, Dad was pretty busy with work and rehearsals for "Ah Wilderness", but we didn't have as many activities together. Dad has a birthday in November and we went to Blanding for Thanksgiving and that's pretty much what happened in November.

We finally got the kid's school pictures and I love how they turned out! They both look great!

We went to see the movie "Big Hero 6" as a family and for a couple weeks after that the girls kept pretending to be super heroes, and now whenever there is a commercial with characters from the movie Josie gets really excited and says, "We saw dat!"


For Halloween Richie was Steve from Minecraft again, but this year he had a cardboard head and real pick axe, Sophia was a mermaid, Grace was a flower fairy and Josie just wore Halloween clothes. She was supposed to be a polar bear, but the costume I have turned out to be too big for her. She didn't mind, it made trick-or-treating a lot easier for her. We have a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating and we only had to go around our block and the kids got a lot of great treats.

Happy Halloween!

Sophia's Birthday

Sophia has wanted to have a birthday party at The Fun Park ever since Richie had one there a couple years ago, and she finally got her wish this year. She invited friends and they had pizza and played in the soft play and went roller skating. Sophia is a good roller skater but her friends had a harder time and mostly hung on to the wall. They all had fun though, and Josie and Grace just enjoyed running around the rink in their socks while Richie and Dad played arcade games. Everyone enjoyed themselves and Sophia was thrilled about her party.

The birthday party was a couple days before her actual birthday and Sophia was quite happy to celebrate twice.

It was mustache day at school for Red Ribbon Week, I think the idea was something like "I 'mustache' you to say no to drugs" or something like that. I am never very prepared for things like that so I didn't have mustaches for the kids to put on, but they were happy to have me draw them on their faces. Richie wanted o…