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Our First Christmas in Jersey

Christmas Sunday Best

We had a wonderful Christmas. Little Richie had so much fun opening presents that he started stealing ours to open. Thanks to family for all the gifts. We hope you all had a great day. Enjoy the video.

Merry Christmas from New York!

One of the things we wanted to do over the Christmas break was go see the tree at Rockefeller Center. We did it last year, but this year Richie was really able to enjoy it. He thought the tree was pretty cool, but seeing Santa Claus was even cooler. Then he saw three more Santas and I think he was a little confused.

This is us right in front of the tree.

A partial view of the light show at Saks 5th Avenue

Even though it was pretty cold outside, we couldn't resist a trip to Jamba Juice before we went home. We ordered Richie his own small Jamba Juice, but they accidentally gave him a regular size.

He didn't mind.

Sophia Smiles

Sophia just gets cuter and cuter every day! She used to smile mostly in her sleep, which was ADORABLE, but now she smiles while she is awake too, and she smiles a lot. She has started sleeping until 5 or 6 in the morning so I get a nice long stretch of sleep before she needs to be fed; it is wonderful. We really love having her in our family.

Richie is a great big brother. He almost loves Sophia too much and is always trying to give her kisses. It is our faults that he is like that, though, because we have always given him lots of hugs and kisses. The other night as I was putting him to bed I told him that I love him and asked if he loves me and he said, "Uhhhhh . . . I think so." He says the funniest things. I love my kids.


Sorry we haven't posted for a while. Without our parents here to help out we haven't been able to get as much done. This has been a particularly tough week. Chrislynn has been doing it all on her own, but the end is in sight! At least the end of the semester. I closed my show last night, I only have 3 more days of classes left, and there are only 9 days left until my final evaluations! Then we'll have a nice break to enjoy the holidays with each other! We wont be able to travel to Utah for Christmas, but we're going to enjoy our first east coast Christmas. We have a little tree set up, and Richie is getting excited about the presents that are starting to appear. We've been reading a lot of Christmas stories so he's starting to get really excited for Santa Claus! I read Polar Express to him for the first time a couple nights ago, and it was a special experience. That's my favorite book. Grandma Call gave it to me, and when Richie really liked it,…

Growing Fast

I'm supposed to be napping but I wanted to take the opportunity to put up a couple new pictures. I am amazed at how quickly she is growing and changing. The third picture was taken yesterday, isn't she getting chubby?

This cake was from some friends of Richie's sister, Giselle. Little Richie was very excited to eat it.

A New Call Family Production

Here is Sophia's screen debut.

When Richie met Sophia for the first time in the hospital he tried to calm her down by singing one of his favorite songs to her.
He started singing the "ABC's" very softly, but when she didn't quiet down he got really loud, and then gave up a little, but it was nice that he tried.

Sophia Christina Call

At 6:14 AM, on Saturday, October 27, 2007, Sophia Christina Call was born in the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She weighs 5 pounds and 13 ounces, and she is 19 1/2 inches long. She's a teeny, tiny, beautiful baby girl!

Sophia was scheduled for a C-section on November 1st, but on Friday, the 26th of October, Chrislynn started feeling strong contractions. These contractions got stronger and more frequent until at about 2:00am she woke me up and told me to call the doctor. At this point, the contractions were only 5 minutes apart, and they were getting quite painful (from what I understand). Only 4 hours later Sophia was born.

Our good friend Blythe Coons came over to be with Richie so he could stay sleeping. We got to the hospital and they determined that we were indeed going to have a baby. Since we were already scheduled to have a C-section the doctor said, "Why wait to go through labor?" They immediately started to prepare for surgury,…

Apple Picking

Last week we went to a farm and apple orchard in Princeton with our friend Blythe. At the farm little Richie had fun feeding sheep, playing in the pumpkins and eating cider donuts. At the orchard he didn't really want to pick any apples from the trees, but he did like picking them up off the ground. It was a fun outing, but it was so warm it didn't really feel like a fall activity. We are still waiting for New Jersey to decide it will participate in the seasons.

Richie recently discovered his shadow and he does what we call his "shadow dance". He did it for us at the orchard a little.

Richie (my husband) extended our anniversary by taking us to Les Miserables on Tuesday. It was my fifth time seeing it, but Richie had never seen it, and it is a show that he really should see. He was disappointed that it had closed a few years ago and was glad he got another chance when it reopened last year. We ended up getting one student rush ticket and one standing room tic…

Five Years

Friday was our five year anniversary. Richie is a great husband and I never doubt his love for me. We have a pretty amazing little boy and are really excited about the new baby.

Five years ago we played husband and wife in a play and Richie thought it was a pretty good fit...

I wasn't sure at first, but I couldn't resist his charms for long and we were married a few months later...

Fast forward and we are still very happy and our family continues to grow.


My cesarean section has been scheduled for November 1 at 11:00 a.m. I am having a baby in four weeks!

Make Your Points

First I want to say that as a pregnant woman I become interested in anything that has anything to do with childbirth and newborns, and because of my crazy hormones I am very affected and usually end up crying over TLC's "A Baby Story". Secondly, I admit that I watch way too much t.v. and usually when Richie asks me how my day went I give him a rundown of the episodes of "A Baby Story" I watched as well as the children's programming we watched throughout the day.

So, the other morning I was telling Richie about an episode of "Private Practice" I had watched the night before. The show was about two babies that had been switched at birth and it turned out that one of the dads had done it intentionally because his baby was sick and he wanted a healthy one. I was emotional watching and emotional telling Richie about it. This show is fictional and in no way related to the reality show "A Baby Story" but when I was telling Richie about it he…

Boy Genius

He usually goes all the way to 10, we don't know why he would only say "14", and as you can see he is very fond of the letter "W". We also don't know why he was saying he is one because he is very good at saying he is two. I don't know about you, but I think he is pretty remarkable.


I totally forgot that Eryka tagged me a while ago. Sorry it took me so long to do it (I always lost at tag because I am so short, ha, ha).

Jobs I’ve had:
table busser
grocery store cashier
phone card assembly line worker
wedding dress consultant
scenic designer for the theatre
box-office clerk
personal assistant

Movies I can watch over and over:
Moulin Rouge
Harry Potter
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Lord of the Rings

Books I can read over and over
L.M. Montgomery books (author of Anne of Greene Gables)
Harry Potter
Little Women
Lord of the Rings
Stones from the River

Places I have lived:
Blanding, UT
Provo, UT
Oyster Bay, NY
Logan, UT
North Brusnwick, NJ

Places I would like to visit:
New England

Places I have visited:
New York
Washington D.C.

TV shows I watch:
America's Next Top Model
Grey's Anatomy
Curious George
Super Why
Wonder Pets
The list goes on, I watch too much t.v.

Foods I like:
NY pizza
Donuts (I am obs…

Temple Trip

Last Saturday we took a quick trip to the Washington D.C. temple. We were there just long enough to do a session and have dinner with Richie's sister. She watched Richie while we were in the temple and took these pictures.

I am feeling much better, but it looks like big Richie has a hernia. There must be something about New Jersey.

4 a.m. False Alarm

I will start by saying that I am fine, I am just going to fill you in on the LONG day I have had. This morning around 2:00 I started feeling some major discomfort in my belly. I thought it was just my bladder because I have been feeling bladder discomfort since Friday, but just assumed it was a pregnancy thing. I didn't get any relief after going to the bathroom and it continued to get worse as time went on. I could sleep for about fourty minutes to an hour at a time before I would have to go to the bathroom again, but always with the same result. Finally around 4:00, 4:30 the discomfort had become definite pain and I could not sleep. I began to wonder if this pain was more serious than I thought, but I didn't want to wake up the boys. The pain got so bad that at 5:45 I woke Richie up and we went to the hospital. I think I started having contractions on the way to the hospital because the pain went from being constant to coming in waves.

As soon as we were settled in …
This is a video clip of Richie looking through a book that my mom made for us. It has pictures of each of my family members. It's a great way for Richie to see who he's talking to when he talks to them on the phone. It's also nice since they were just here and he was able to develop a relationship with each of them. Thanks for the book mom!

It's Labor Day, September 3rd, and I can't believe that I go back to school tomorrow. I'm starting the second year of my graduate program, and tomorrow I will be teaching my first class at a University. I'm teaching Basic Acting, and I finished my syllabus at 3:00 in the morning a couple days ago. I'm excited and nervous, and I'm already grateful for the things I've learned and been reminded of as I've prepared for the class.

Below is a picture of Richie pretending to sleep in his new bed that was given to us by Grandma and Papa Call. He's been doing well, and the transition seems to be going sm…

Richie is Two!

My baby is a little boy, and a super cute one at that. He had a wonderful birthday. His big boy bed was delivered and he opened presents all day long. We staggered the gift opening throughout the day so he could appreciate each toy, or book, or DVD one at a time. We got him three "Thomas and Friends" train engines and a little railroad mat to play with them on. He LOVES them, he even slept with Thomas. Each time he opened one he was more excited than the last and it was so fun to watch him and share in his delight.

We invited friends from the ward and the theatre department over for cake and ice cream and had a fun, crazy party. There were about twenty people in our little apartment and half of them were little kids. It was a loud and chaotic experience, but Richie really enjoyed himself. By the time the party came he had the gift opening thing down and didn't waste any time opening the various books and things that he got. When it was finally time to have his T…