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Date Night

Richie took me on a date last night. This is not a common occurance, partly because of our baby, and partly because he usually isn't available on Friday nights to take me out. He bought tickets to a Broadway show and got his friends from class to watch Richie and we took a drive into the city. We should have known better than to drive into New York on a Friday night, but like I said, we have been converted to taking our car. Everything was fine on the turnpike until we approached the Lincoln Tunnel and the road turned into a virtual parking lot. We heard on the radio that there was a 45 minute delay on the inbound Lincoln and our show started in 30. After taking over 45 minutes to get about 10 miles, we were pretty disappointed.

The play we were going to is called "Looking Glass Alice". It is kind of an updated version of Alice in Wonderland that incorporates a lot of circus elements into the show. It is intended for children (as well as grownups) so it is not v…

The List

100 Things About Me

1. I dreamed of becoming a supermodel when I was younger.
2. I used to hate children.
3. There was a time when I didn't want to have kids.
4. I love being a mom.
5. My son's smile makes me happy.
6. I am worried I am not teaching him enough.
7. I wish I could sing and dance because I want to be on Broadway.
8. Pink is my favorite color.
9. I want another baby.
10. My husband is an amazing actor.
11. I said I would never marry an actor.
12. My husband is from Idaho.
13. I said I would never marry someone from Idaho.
14. I like watching t.v. a lot.
15. I watch too much t.v.
16. My favorite show is The Office.
17. My favorite show is Grey's Anatomy.
18. My favorite show is My Name is Earl.
19. My favorite show is Lost.
20. My favorite show is How I Met Your Mother.
21. I find it difficult to pick absolute favorites and it drives my husband crazy (he is a list making, ratings giving kind of guy).
22. America's Next Top Model is my guilty pleasure.
23. I want…


I finally gave Richie a haircut. I went a little too short, but it will grow back soon. I put his booster seat on the living room floor so that I could strap him down and be able to get all around his head. He sat right down, he seemed to think it was pretty cool that I had brought it into the living room, but I left him strapped down while I went to fill a cup with water and when I came back in he was struggling to crawl towards his bedroom with the booster seat attached to his bum. It was one of the cutest things ever, but I unfortunately did not get a picture. I was able to entertain him with "The Backyardigans" and goldfish while I cut his hair, and he was really good for me. He did get really itchy after a while, but he sat still for the most part. He is such a sweet boy.

Weekend Trip

On Saturday we drove into the city to go to the temple. This was our first time taking our car instead of riding the train, so it felt like an adventure, especially with the recent snow storm and the non-existent parking. Our friend Sasha watched Little Richie at her parents apartment, so he came with us for the ride. It was pretty exciting driving in the city, of course I was not the one driving, Richie might have a different opinion. We have been taking the train and riding the subway so much lately that I was beginning to feel like all I ever saw of New York City was underground and it was nice to drive through the upper west side and through Central Park, to feel like we were actually in the city.

It was comforting knowing that Little Richie was just across town while we were in the temple instead of an hour away in New Jersey, and he had a good time with Sasha and her sister. They walked to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and Little Richie walked most of the block and a half o…

My Love

I used to be one of those girls who HATED Valentine's Day. I was always single and I resented a day that reminded me of that. Now I have the best Valentine a girl could ask for and I finally appreciate the holiday. I love Richie Call. I love that he is young at heart and he keeps me laughing. He calls me Princess and treats me like one. I know our life will be wonderful because he is extremely talented and so driven to succeed. His passion for theatre is exciting and inspiring. Also, we made the cutest baby in the world and I couldn't wish for a better father to my son. Love is a wonderful thing.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are some favorite photos of my Valentines.

Richie and Daddy in front of the Washington D.C. Temple.
Liberty State Park, New Jersey.
Last summer at the pool in Logan.

The Christmas tree at Rockafellar Center

Spaghetti dinner, Richie and Daddy's favorite meal.

It has been a good Valentine's Day for us. Richie's classes were canceled today as a result of the big snow storm out here, so we actually get to spend some time together. We didn't think we were going to see each other today and we are happy to be snowed-in. There actually isn't that much snow on the ground, but the roads are bad and most of Richie's instructors commute from the city. This storm in Logan wouldn't even come close to shutting things down, but we are not complaining.

We hope everyone has a good day with their sweethearts.

Don't let that smile fool you

As a naive, first-time mom, I was positive that I would never have to deal with "terrible two's". Of course the reality is that my sweet, mellow baby has turned into a toddler and is learning the art of the temper tantrum. The latest development is growling. I suppose it is my own fault for teaching him what a polar bear says before any other animal, but he has taken to growling angrily when he is upset with me. On one hand it is pretty cute, but also a little scary.

I haven't figured out how to discipline an eighteen-month-old. He is so little and most of the time he is just exploring and trying to figure things out when he is doing things I don't want him to (like playing with electrical outlets). He so proud that he has figured out how to open the dishwasher, so I am sure he is confused when I scold him for running with the knife he has taken out. He also likes the garbage and recycling cans and I am constantly chasing him away from those. He knows wh…


Well, we reached a milestone yesterday; Little Richie went to nursery for the first time. I think it would have been harder for me, but I didn't have time to get nostalgic because it came a few weeks sooner than it should have. I was recently called as a primary teacher and Richie was cast in a show that rehearses during our church time. The first week Richie had rehearsal I tried keeping Little Richie with me in class, but it was impossible to focus on teaching four-year-olds and make sure my child didn't color a mural on the classroom walls. So even though he will not be eighteen-months-old for three more weeks, I dropped him off in nursery yesterday. I was worried because he is reaching the separation anxiety age and he gets pretty angry if he knows we are separated, even by the bathroom door, but he is also really social so I hoped that would counteract the problem. I snuck out before he could realize what was happening, so I don't know if he cried at all, and wh…