Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Visual DNA

I found a link to this site on designmom.com and I thought I would share my results.

Monday, March 26, 2007

NIght-time Fairies?

I recently discovered that Richie (my husband) sometimes sleeps with his arm draped over his face, and when he does this it makes him snore. He has told me in the past that I should wake him up if he is snoring, and usually I just nudge him until he stops, but learning about his arm thing was like finding the magic off button because I can just move his arm and he stops snoring. Well, the other night he came home very late from rehearsals after a long week and was very, very tired. He snores more when he is really tired. So, as he was drifting off to sleep, he put his arm over his face (which he swears is SO comfortable) and began to snore. I promptly moved his arm from off his face and he stopped snoring. I was so happy that I could "turn him off" like that. It happened probably four more times in the night and each time I did the same thing, with the same results. The next day Richie made a comment about how tired he was because every time he started to fall asleep, "someone" kept waking him up by moving his arm. I did not realize I was actually waking him up, I thought I was just stopping the snoring and he was staying asleep, so I felt badly.

The funny part of this story, though, is the "someone" waking him up. Apparently, he was so tired that the first couple times I moved his arm he thought, "Someone just moved my arm, that was weird." Eventually he realized that I was moving his arm he thought that was even more strange. For some reason the idea that there was something or someone else in bed with us moving his arm made more sense to him, and he couldn't figure out why I kept doing it. It made me laugh so hard when he was telling me about it, but I guess if you were that tired it would be hard to understand why your spouse kept doing something like that and you would invent someone else to blame. I don't think the story translates to the page nearly as funny as it was, but it really entertained me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Does this ever get better?

Every time we think we have little Richie sleeping through the night, we hit a bump in the road. We have been awake since 4 a.m. and the little man shows no signs of slowing down. I'M TIRED! The worst part about it is that he is so darn cute, it makes it impossible to be mad at him. It looks like today is going to be a long one.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Date Night

Last night Richie got a baby sitter and took me out to a movie. We don't often go out, just the two of us, mostly because I am such a homebody. It was nice to have a couple hours with my sweetheart and I even tried to remember to let him open doors for me (I broke him of that habit while we were dating because I was so stubborn and independent). I am so glad he puts up with me and loves me in spite of everything.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Fun with friends

This week we took a trip to Liberty State Park in Jersey City with our friends the Smiths. We didn't have time to go to the Statue of Liberty, but we had fun walking around and playing on the playground.

Richie holding hands with Joseph in the car. Yes his name is Joseph Smith.
It was a cold morning, so snuggling with Daddy was comforting.
Richie wore us all out walking and running around. That is Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty in the background.
At the top of a slide in the playground.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Small Pleasures

Richie has closed his show and we have actually spent two whole days together! This might not sound like such an exciting occasion to some people, but since the semester started I think this is only the second uninterrupted weekend we have had and it has been wonderful. Little Richie and I have really missed him. His show went pretty well, and he was fantastic in it, but it was not without its hiccups. Opening night Richie hurt his knee during the show, nothing too major, but enough to bother him. The theatre was flooded out last weekend so they had to postpone performances until the middle of the week, and it was supposed to close on Sunday. On top of that, one of the actors ended up in the hospital and had to be replaced halfway through the run. It was pretty eventful, but Richie was really happy to put that show to bed.

Now Richie is on spring break and we had made big plans to go to a beach in Maryland, not that it is that warm, we just wanted to go to the beach. Friday Richie made hotel reservations and everything and then he went to the school for a class and was told he had replaced an actor in a main stage show that begins rehearsing this week. It is very good news that he has been cast in the show, but it means that we cannot take our little vacation. That is okay, though, he will be home during the daytime, and we will find some other ways of entertaining ourselves. We really are very happy that he is in this show now, he was a little disappointed when the cast list originally went a few weeks ago up and he wasn't on it. The actor that was originally cast had to drop out and Richie was their first choice for a replacement. It isn't quite as good as being the original first choice, but we take what we can get. I am a little disappointed we don't get to take our adventure, but I am proud of Richie for getting the role.

He has also been offered a small role in a workshop production of "Hamlet" that will eventually end up off-Broadway in a year or so. The director is the fiance of one of his classmates and is willing to work with his school and rehearsal schedule. He is super excited about this show because of the show itself, but also because of what it could lead to. Good things are happening for Richie here in New Jersey, and it makes us feel good about our decision to come out here.

Yesterday we finally bought a water filter for our kitchen faucet and I no longer feel like a prisoner of the bottled water conspiracy. A little history, the tap water tastes horrible here, and we have been buying bottled water since we moved and bottled water is not cheap. A few days ago we ran out of water and I didn't make it to the store to buy more for quite a while. I was so bothered that I was a slave to bottled water, I just wanted a drink from the tap. I also hate that I feel guilty every time I drink a bottle of water, because I feel like I am drinking money. I finally broke down and had a glass and it was awful. I convinced Richie that it would be more cost effective to get a filtration system and we got one and installed it. Richie was worried that the water would still taste bad, but it tastes good and I am glad that we are finally free! It is funny the silly things that make me happy these days.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

It's snowing

It is snowing here today, and while it is very beautiful, I am a little annoyed. Last week we had some really nice, early spring-like days, and it got my hopes up. We got a nice arctic blast yesterday and today it is softly snowing. I know it is only March, but I am feeling anxious for better weather.

So I recently had an interesting experience that I think other moms will relate to, maybe. Last week I got a babysitter so I could go to the opening of Richie's show. It is a very rare occurrence for me to be alone in the car, so as I was driving to the theatre, I kept assuming that Little Richie was in the back of the car with me, because he always is. It has just become second nature to say something to him or look back at him and I would actually be a little surprised when I remembered that he was at home and not with me. The weirdest part was that it kept happening. I was driving along, just thinking or listening to the music and I would think he was with me and then I would realize I was alone, over and over. It made me feel strangely vulnerable and a little lonely.

This weekend we went to a great little Mexican restaurant in Princeton. When we first moved here we were looking for good Mexican and Richie asked a kid in Blockbuster if he knew of anything, and his response was, "There are only two Mexican restaurants in New Jersey. One is called 'On the Border' and the other is 'Chili's'." (On the Border is a chain similar to Chili's.) We were pretty sure there were other Mexican restaurants in New Jersey, this kid just lives in a very small world. Anyway, one of Richie's classmates went to undergrad at Princeton and she told us about this place called Tortugas. We invited her and another of Richie's classmates to go with us and we had a great dinner. It was just what we were looking for, the food was fantastic and it was cool to see Princeton. I am glad we kept looking for a place and didn't just rely on the word of the Blockbuster employee.

One last thought for today. The other day we were watching "Curious George" and George did something silly and it made Little Richie giggle, which made me giggle. He is becoming more and more aware of the world and he still amazes me. It was so adorable seeing him react to something so genuinely; he was laughing because HE thought it was funny, not because I was laughing or reacting in any way. I just love his little laugh.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Little Richie

I don't have a list of 100 things about Little Richie, but I do have some things to share about him.

*His favorite word is "NO".
*He likes to say "walk" and then take a walk outside, but not in a stroller, he wants to be in controll. When he wants to go for a walk he stands in front of the door and says "walk" over and over until I take him out. The weather has been nice enough lately that we can actually take short walks outside, and it has been good to get out of the house, even if only for a couple minutes. We just walk around the parking lot and around the apartment complex.
*He loves to eat goldfish.
*He loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
*When I ask if he wants to take a bath he pats his belly and says "bath" as he heads down the hall to the bathroom.
*He can identify his nose, ears, mouth, eyes, belly button and toes.
*He LOVES books, and can say "book". One of my favorite things is when he sits down with a grownup book and pretends to read. He really likes getting into Daddy's theatre books, but Daddy is not so fond of that.*He says "baby" every time he sees one.
*He calls "Backyardigans" Pablo (Pablo is the penguin character on Backyardigans).
*He likes to dance and has great rhythm.
*He loves the Ellen DeGenerous show.
*He has eleven teeth.
*His "beepee" (binki) is one of his favorite things in the whole world.
*He still calls me "Dadda".

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sweet Moves

These are not his best moves, but I wanted to share a sample of Richie dancing. Enjoy! Just push play.