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Richie's First Ice Cream Cone

New Jersey decided to skip spring and go right into summer, but after a week straight of rain, and several weeks of cold temperatures, the hot weather is a welcome change. To celebrate the sun coming out we bought a box of drumstick ice cream cones. When I shared a bite of mine with Richie he decided it was his, and was not giving up his new treat for anything.

My Super Star

Richie's show "In the Sawtooths" opened last weekend and it is really good. Richie was incredible. He has already grown so much as an actor and I am always so proud to watch him on stage. The play is the thesis project of one of the third year graduate playwright students, and he happens to be from Idaho, so the play is about three friends from Boise. The boys are all really good, but Richie does so well in the show, I just can't find enough words to describe it. He is so emotionally full, and honest and there are moments when he is more physically free than I have ever seen him. I feel lucky to have such a talented husband.

It's Official

I finally saw a doctor today and I feel like it is safe to tell the world that we are having another baby! According to today's ultrasound the doctor says it looks like I am 11 weeks along, but I will have another ultrasound on Friday that will be more definite, as far as my due date. We are very excited about the addition to our family, and I feel relieved to have a doctor (it took forever to get an appointment).

You may have heard that we are having the biggest storm in 100 years out here. It is called a nor'easter and it basically brings tons of rain and really strong wind. It Started raining on Saturday night and hasn't stopped. Roads are flooded and closed, and school was cancelled for Richie today. It has been a big storm. So I called my doctor's office this morning to make sure that they would be open today and they said they were. I was grateful that Richie didn't have class and could come with me, so that part of the storm was a blessing. However, …

My Easter Bunny

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Thanks for the great package, Easter Bunny (aka Grandma Call).

Fun Trips

Last week was a good, busy week for us. My brother, Drew, and his wife, Eryka, were in New York City for a few days last week because Drew was sworn into the New York bar, so little Richie and I went in to visit with them on Wednesday afternoon. We were going to try and meet up with them at a great pizza place in Brooklyn called Grimaldi's, but it took us too long to get there and we missed them. So after going all the way to Brooklyn from New Jersey, we got back on the subway and met up with Eryka at Grand Central Station; it was a lot of train riding, but it was worth the time I was able to spend with Eryka. I saw Drew for about five minutes because he was working and only had that much time to come down and say hello to me and Richie. It was good to see him, even for just a few minutes. Eryka took us to one of the parks she used to take her kids to on the upper west side, and then she invited us to dinner with her and some of her friends from when she lived in the city. …