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Nothing Fits!

I have reached the stage in my pregnancy where none of my clothes fit; my regular clothes are too small and my maternity clothes are too big. It is a bit frustrating, but I guess I should be grateful for where I am, because I have memories of being pretty gigantic and uncomfortable, and this beats that.

To update, I am sixteen weeks along and my due date is November 7, but since I will have a c-section, I'll be able to schedule the operation a week or so before that. I am still feeling a little sick and my doctor was worried that I hadn't gained any weight since my last appointment. He suggested I eat some milk shakes, but I am at the exact same weight I was with little Richie at this point, so I am not too worried.

Richie is done with classes and about to finish his run of "Hamlet". It has been nice to have him around during the day, and will be even nicer when he doesn't have to drive into the city every night.

Happy Mother's Day and More

Happy Mother's Day to all my loved-ones. Today was really just like any other Sunday, but it was still a good day. Richie is in a production of Hamlet that had two performances today, so he left at 11 a.m., but before that he let me sleep in and made me breakfast. He was going to bring it to me in bed, but my pregnant bladder won the battle over the desire to keep sleeping, so I wasn't in bed for him to bring it to me. I appreciated the thought, though. Before I got out of bed I heard my little boy walking up and down the hall outside my bedroom calling out, "Mamma? . . . Mamma? . . . Mamma?" which was really sweet, because he has called me "dadda" for so long. That was probably the best gift he could give me.

We had a great visit with my brother, Tim and his wife, Nancy this week. It was their first trip out east, so we wore them out showing them New York City. At the beginning of the week Tim said they didn't want to feel like they needed a vac…