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Richie's new favorite game.

Richie loves running and especially playing "on your mark, get set, GO!" This video was taken at Sinatra Park the night we saw Daddy's show.

Midsummer Night's Disappointment

Last night we all went to Hoboken to watch Daddy in his opening night performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." It is a free, outdoor performance done right on the waterfront of the Hudson River with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop; doesn't that sound cool? I was really looking forward to the show, but sadly, the performance was canceled because of rain. Little Richie had a blast splashing in the puddles, but I forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures (the picture above is from Sinatra Park where the show will be, but I got it off the web). He also quickly befreinded the entire cast and became the life of the party, everyone loved him. The forecast calls for showers again tonight, so Friday should be opening night and we will go back for that.

Small Victories

Richie finally says "please"! It is very exciting. For months he has REFUSED to say that word. Whenever he would ask for something we would ask him to say "please" and he absolutely would not, he would yell "NO!" at the suggestion and end up in a tantrum if we kept telling him to say "please." But I guess our persistence finally paid off, because the other day he finally said it when Daddy asked him to, and he is beginning to discover the magic that the word holds. Now we just have to figure out how to teach him that just because he says "please" doesn't mean he will get anything he wants.
We are also working on weaning him off the pacifier, and that has actually gone pretty smoothly. He only gets it for sleeping and he is very cooperative in the morning and after naps about putting it away. He occasionally throws a tantrum when he decides he wants it during the day, but that is rare. Eventually we will take it away entirely…

Happy Independence Day!

Richie saw his first fireworks tonight. He didn't see any last year because we didn't want to keep him up past his bedtime, but we figured this year he might be old enough to appreciate them. To celebrate the 4th we swapped baby sitting with our friends so we could go to movies (we saw "Transformers" and highly recommend it, they saw "Sicko" and highly recommend it), and then we had a barbecue together. After dinner we went to Edison for a fireworks show. It was pretty small scale, but having grown up with small town fireworks, I really enjoyed it. Little Richie was scared by the loud booms and held on to Dad pretty tightly, but eventually he seemed to appreciate it. When the show was over and we got in the car he kept saying "boom, boom" so he got something from the experience. He was so tired but he was such a good boy. We had a fun day.