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Richie is Two!

My baby is a little boy, and a super cute one at that. He had a wonderful birthday. His big boy bed was delivered and he opened presents all day long. We staggered the gift opening throughout the day so he could appreciate each toy, or book, or DVD one at a time. We got him three "Thomas and Friends" train engines and a little railroad mat to play with them on. He LOVES them, he even slept with Thomas. Each time he opened one he was more excited than the last and it was so fun to watch him and share in his delight.

We invited friends from the ward and the theatre department over for cake and ice cream and had a fun, crazy party. There were about twenty people in our little apartment and half of them were little kids. It was a loud and chaotic experience, but Richie really enjoyed himself. By the time the party came he had the gift opening thing down and didn't waste any time opening the various books and things that he got. When it was finally time to have his T…
On August 12th we celebrated having been in New Jersey for a full year. We celebrated by taking out another large student loan. I can't believe we've been here for a year, Richie's about to turn 2, and we're only a few months away from having a baby girl. Time is flying, and I decided that after a year of Chrislynn updating you, I would contribute a post. Things are going well for us here in the Garden State. Chrislynn was pretty uncomfortable for the first trimester of her pregnancy, but then she started feeling good. She's a champion! She's such a good mom, and everyday when I come home from rehearsals or work I find out that Richie has learned to do some cool new thing. She's teaching in the Primary in our ward, and she's a great example to me of how to fulfill a calling (even when it's a really tough one). School starts in a week, and we'll miss all the time we've been able to spend with each other this summer . . . well . . . I…

Big Boy Bed

We just ordered a toddler bed for Richie. After exploring our options at places like Ikea and BabiesRus, we ended up choosing this one online. I can't believe it is time for this step, but it is very exciting. It is exciting that he is making the transition, and it is exciting that I can start thinking about pretty girl bedding for the crib.

While we were looking around at beds, Richie and little Richie went into a furniture store and asked if they had toddler beds. The salesman said they did not and little Richie looked at him and said, "Thomas?" The salesman said, "Thomas the train? No, we don't have Thomas." So little Richie put up his hand, said, "Bye, bye," and turned to leave. He didn't have anything more to say to the man if he couldn't help him with Thomas. He only has one Thomas book, and only watches Thomas on Sunday mornings, but he sure loves "Thomas train" at the moment.

Little things make me happy

Last night we had broccoli with dinner and while it is one of my favorite vegetables, my Richies have never been huge fans. I hadn't ever been able to get little Richie to eat broccoli, but I thought I would at least give it a try and I put some on his plate. To my astonishment and pleasure, he picked up a floret, put it in his mouth, chewed and swallowed! In the past as soon as he felt the texture in his mouth he spit it out. I felt so triumphant. On top of that, big Richie ate his helping and even said it was good. Is it sad that my boys eating broccoli is probably the best thing that has happened to me this week?

Day at the water park


Call Family Vacation

Richie's family drove all the way out to the east coast from Idaho for a visit. We spent a few days in Washington D.C. where Richie's sister, Giselle, lives and then we came up to New Jersey for a couple days and then we are heading back to D.C. We have already had lots of adventures with Richie's little brother and sister experiencing things for the first time, and a crazy 12 hour trip from D.C. to Jersey (it should only take three and a half). One of Richie's sisters didn't feel well and we ended up in the emergency room in the strangest town in Maryland we have ever been in; we saw enough characters in the waiting room to write a play. Giselle had a kidney stone and I hear those are pretty miserable, but she is feeling better, just in time for a tonsillectomy this week.

Here are some highlights of the trip so far.

Lincoln Memorial on such a hot day I thought we would all melt.

World War II Memorial between Utah and Idaho

WWII Memorial again

Walking on the nationa…