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Big Tower

The other day I was in the bedroom and Richie came in very excited and said, "Come on Mommy, come on! I did it!" He grabbed my hand and dragged me into the living room where his "big tower" was standing tall. He was so proud of himself and it made me happy.


I know it wont seem like much to those of you in Idaho and Utah who have been experiencing blizzards and earthquakes, but today we had our first real snow storm! I left my phone on last night hoping to hear that we would have a snow day, but by 8:30am I had still received no call. I decided to check my email right before I left to school, and I had an email from the University saying that all classes had been canceled!!!

Richie refused to wear gloves, and by the time we had made a few snow angels and Chrislynn had shown Richie how to make a snow man, Richie's hands were very cold. Luckily, we had some hot chocolate waiting for us inside! Yea, for snow!

Photo Booth

The other day I showed Richie the photo booth program on our computer, and ever since it has been his favorite thing in the world. He is always asking for "pictures" or "blue cheese" (cheese is what he says for photos and one of the options makes him look blue, so he calls it "blue cheese"). These are just a sample of some of the pictures we have taken.

Thanks Uncle Anson

We got a package in the mail today and Richie was very excited to open it. Uncle Anson had to make something in home-ec class and decided to make a pillow for little Richie. Please excuse some of the filming, I was trying to help him.

So, in case you were wondering, he still likes Thomas the tank engine.

Bad Habits

I wanted to share this picture for a few reasons.

#1. Her mommy sucked her fingers until she was probably 8 years old.
#2. Her daddy sleeps with his arm draped across his face.
#3. She is SUPER CUTE!

The Dreaded Gombu!

Richie and me, feeling poopy, and waiting to see the doctor.

Nothing a little Jamba Juice can't cure!

We've all been a little sick around here lately. Luckily, Sophia has been fine the whole time, but Richie and me went through most of January with runny noses and sore throats. Now Chrislynn seems to be going through whatever we had. Hopefully she gets better really soon, and we can all be done with whatever this was! As my grandma Call used to say, "It's the Dreaded Gombu!"