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I Should Be Packing

I know I have been a little MIA lately (sorry Brian), but I really have a good excuse; I have been packing everything we own so we could put it in storage for the summer. We got out of our lease and told the landlord we would be out by April 1, so on Saturday we took just about everything out of our apartment and put it in a storage unit. Thanks everyone who helped, Sissy, you were a life saver. Anyway, I have been slowly packing for several weeks and Richie has been so busy with rehearsals and school that it has been mostly me. He did what he could, but there is only so much you can do when you are only home for 45 minutes a day.

This last week I had to make a big push to get things done, and it was pretty stressful. It is not easy with two young kids. Poor little Richie is having a bit of a rough time, but he is quite the trooper. The poor guy started saying, "Put that back!" whenever he saw me taking something to put in a box, and he keeps discovering new things t…

Happy Birthday Mom

When I called to wish my mom a Happy Birthday today she requested that we post a video for her. So here is a clip of Sophia bouncing in our closet. It's the only door frame in our apartment that will hold the jumper. So Happy Birthday Mom, and Happy Opening Night to me! I think I'll stop and treat myself to a Jamba Juice on behalf of Gail. The Elders Quorum is coming over to help us move our stuff into storage tomorrow morning. Chrislynn and the kids fly out on Tuesday. My last final is on the 12th. We'll all be in the west soon!

Cherry Blossoms

We had a fun weekend, but it was a little crazy. We went to D.C. to visit Giselle, see the Cherry Blossom Festival and go to the temple. It was supposed to be a quick, one day trip, down and back, but we ended up staying the night. We drove down in the morning and met up with Richie's sister and headed to the parade. Little Richie was so excited about the parade, even though he didn't really
know why. We caught the last 30-40 minutes of the parade, but I am not sure little Richie would have enjoyed more than that. He liked the marching bands a lot, and he got to see a float with Elmo and other Sesame Street characters, and that was fun for him. After the parade we walked down to the tidal basin to see if any blossoms remained. They peaked a couple weeks ago, but there were a few
straggling blossoms. One of my favorite things in the world is flowering trees, so I really wanted to see them. I was a little disappointed that I missed the peak, but I will have more opp…


In the Sunday afternoon session of conference, Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke to mothers, and I am so grateful for his talk. The talk was excellent, and just what I needed to hear right now, but my favorite thing he said was "The joy of motherhood comes in moments." I sometimes get very weary of the daily routine of motherhood, but I also love moments in the routine, like when Richie and I get a little time alone together as I put him down for his nap, and when Sophia wakes up smiling and happy in the mornings, and many more in the day. Those moments will stay with me forever, because they happen every day. Of course, I am looking forward to the big things like Disneyland, but I will try harder to find joy in the small things that happen every day. I have been feeling a little down lately and doubting my self-worth, but I LOVE being a mom and I just needed a little reminder.


Here are a couple clips of Sophia. I wanted to show her rolling over; I have seen it many times since the first time I missed and thought I would share her accomplishment. The other one I just think is cute.

Playing at the Park

It has already been a very rainy April, but the sun has come out a few times and we have taken advantage of it and gone outside! We went to a park last week with Richie's friend Adam and had a great time. Richie is a serious playground junkie. Whenever we pass playground equipment, including inside Costco, he gets really excited and says, "Yay, slides, yay, yay, yay!" I feel really badly when that happens and we don't actually get to a playground. Today was a really fantastic day and we spent the whole morning at a park. Hooray for spring!

Goodbye Richie's Blog

This morning Richie had an interesting e-mail. It was from someone saying that the name of his blog, which I will refer to as PBP, is the name of his company and that he was to stop using it immediately and remove all references to it on the internet. If he did not do this, he would be contacted by this man's lawyer! How crazy is that? As a result, Richie has removed PBP from the internet. Sorry to everyone who may have checked it regularly, but we didn't want to get sued over a name. The thing that really upsets me is that Richie has wanted to start his own company for as long as I have known him, and now I can't even say the name of it without fearing legal action. So how was your morning? Anyone else get threatened with a lawsuit?

I'm going home

I guess I haven't mentioned on the blog that we are going to be in Logan, Utah for the summer. Richie has the chance to fulfill the dream of his to do a play called "The Dresser" with his grandpa for the Old Lyric Repertory Company, so we will be back in Utah for a few months. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing; I am nervous about living out of a suitcase with two small children, but I am excited to be close to family and it will be fun to be back in Logan. I am flying to Utah with the kids on the 29th of April and will spend some time with my family in Blanding until Richie finishes up the semester and drives out. We'll meet up in Logan and enjoy another summer at the Lyric. After the season closes in August we are taking a trip to California. Richie has never been and we are considering our options for after graduation. We are also thinking about going to Disneyland. After California it is back to good old Jersey. It's funny, but I think I wil…