Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Richie LOVES Grandma's house in Burley

We are back in Burely and little Richie couldn't be happier. He spent five days here without Mom, Dad and Sophia and had the time of his life. I really missed him, but I was glad that he had such a good time and it made me appreciate him more when he came back. I was nervous that he was having so much fun that he might not be excited to see me again, but when they brought him back to Logan and he saw me for the first time he smiled really big and said "MAMMA!" He hugged Sophia before he hugged me, but that was okay. It was so wonderful to see him again.

Richie came home on Saturday and on Sunday we realized that Dad didn't have rehearsal until Tuesday at noon so we decided to take a trip and surprise Papa Call for Father's Day. My sister-in-law is getting married this week so I stayed to go to another shower for her and give little Richie more time here.

When we first got here, Richie was really timid when he jumped on the trampoline and today he got on the tramp by himself and started jumping on his own. Grandma Call was cheering for him and if she forgot he would say "Say 'brabo' again Gramma!" (She was saying "bravo"). He was so proud of himself.

He spends half the day in the sand box.
He got a trim for the wedding and the stylist put blue gel in his hair and he really liked his "blue hair". We may have to do it every time he gets his hair cut from now on.
He was swinging with Aunt Sissy and he said to me "I'n swinging Mom, I can't take a bath." (It was way past his bedtime.)
The last picture is Richie, Daddy, Aunt Brianna, her fiance Travis, Sissy's friend Radik, Aunt Sissy and cousin Jackie. Ah, popsicles on the trampoline on a warm summer night.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Old Lyric Repertory Company

The first show the season opened on Thursday and Richie and his grandpa were fantastic. Richie has wanted to do "The Dresser" with his grandpa since he was ten years old and he has an amazing ability to achieve his dreams. He is such a talented actor and I am more proud of him with every performance I see. He was worried he would not be on the same level as his grandpa, who has been acting for sixty plus years, but he was great, it was not anything to worry about. Richie is also in "Chaps" and "Death Trap" this summer. The schedule is available here. You can also buy tickets online, a cool new feature of the website, if you can figure out how to do it. Hopefully we'll see you all here this summer!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sophia Has Teeth!

Can you see them? Sophia is cutting her two bottom teeth. Who knew she could get any cuter!

In other news, I just got a call from Bishop Killpack in New Jersey and I am going to be the Laurel adviser. It should be a fun, scary calling. I am lookig forward to, and also sad about leaving primary.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's good to be back (if only for a moment)

We are living with my grandfather-in-law in Logan, Utah this summer and he does not have internet, but this weekend the kids and I are visiting my mother-in-law in Burley, Idaho, so I am taking the opportunity to do a quick update while I can.

We have been in Logan for almost a month now and we are having a great time bonding with family. We had a great two weeks in Blanding with my side of the family and now we are enjoying Richie's side. In Blanding my sister, Kd, had a "Rock Bad" party and I got a little obsessed with the game, I loved playing the drums especially. It was a really fun game. The time in Blanding was good, but we were so happy to see Daddy again when we all met up in Logan. We are enjoying being back in Logan; Little Richie loves having all his Grandpas, Aunts, Uncle and Grandma to play with, and there is a park two blocks away from our house, so when it isn't raining we go there every day (it has probably rained 50% of the time here so far!).

Grandpa (Papa) Call is working for the Lyric this summer as well as Richie and Great Grandpa Call, so he is also staying in Logan, so we see him every day. Of cours, they are all busy with rehearsals, but we still get to spend time together. My sister-in-law, Bree, is getting married in two weeks so Grandma Call, Bree, Aubrey and Anson are all still in Burley, but they visit when they can. They came down for Memorial Day weekend and Richie and Sophia had lots of fun swimming at their hotel. Richie has so much fun with them, yesterday when we got in the car to drive to Burely Richie said, "I'n so excited, Mom! I'n so happy!" It really was the happiest I have seen him in days. It has been cold and rainy for a few days so we have been cooped up in the house and a couple days ago he caught a little stomach bug (from me) and was throwing-up most of the day. So the prospect of going to play with his aunts and uncle and grandma was a very happy thing for him.

Here are some pictures from the last month. The first are from my phone, the little girl with the marker colored face is my neice, Olivia. While we were all playing Rock Band upstairs, she was decorating herself. The rest were taken by my inlaws since we got to Logan.