Monday, July 28, 2008

How do you say Goodnight?

For the last nine months Daddy has been either rehearsing or performing a show, so little Richie has learned to tell him "Have a good rehearsal, Daddy" or "Have a good show Daddy" when he leaves. The other night Richie and I went out to a movie and when I said goodnight to little Richie he said, "Goodnight Mommy, have a good show!"

Monday, July 21, 2008

Chrislynn: Princess of the tramp!

Yesterday, Chrislynn reminded me that I was allowed to post things on the blog. It felt a little bit like a chastisement. So today I shall repent and post some pictures that my mom caught of Chrislynn on the tramp.


1.Watching little Richie play at grandparents' houses..
2.Sophia's smile..
3.Richie coming home from rehearsal..

1.Roller coasters..
2.Losing Richie and/or my kids..

1.To own a home..
2.To start drawing again..
3.To be a good mom/wife..

Current Obsessions..
1.Making movies on my imac..
2.Photography, especially photographing my kids and flowers..
3.Getting back to New Jersey..

Surprising Facts About Me..
1.I HATE making telephone calls..(actually, this may not come as a surprise since I never call any of you)
2.I actually really like New Jersey..
3.I danced on a Broadway stage once..

Your hit..I tag..
Ali, Nan, Sissy

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's your name?

We went to the Hogle Zoo this week, and little Richie's favorite things were the train and the carousel. Oh, there were also live animals. He actually really liked seeing the elephants and the white alligator, among other things. At one point we were trying to see the tiger, but it was so hot that it must have been inside. Richie decided it must be sleeping.

We were still by the tiger enclosure and he was doing something cute and a lady came up to him and said, "Are you two or three?" and he told her he is two. Then she asked him his name and he said, "Richie a fird." I translated it to "Richie the third" and the woman was very impressed and amused and she turned and told everyone in her group what he had just said. It is pretty funny, he doesn't know his last name, but he knows he is the "third".

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Quick Update

The end of June was kind of a crazy time. My sister-in-law went through the temple for the first time and got married the same week that my grandmother passed away. The funeral and wedding were on the same day, so I was not able to make it to Montana for the funeral, which broke my heart, but I feel like I was able to say goodbye to her in my own way. The temple session that Brianna went through was very special for me, I was so happy to be sharing in the experience with her and I feel like my sweet grandmother was there with me, and that was very comforting. I love being in the temple. The wedding was beautiful and it reminded me of my own wedding in that same temple almost six years ago.

We have had lots of fun visiting with family the last few weeks. Richie's family came down and took little Richie to the fireworks at the stadium for the 4th. I stayed home with Sophia so I missed his reactions, but he was very cute. I guess he was scared at first, but got into it after a while. He made friends with the people sitting behind them and after the fireworks they asked him how he liked them and he kind of chuckled and said, "I cried at the fireworks, but it's okay." He did the same thing the next morning when Great Grandpa Call asked about the fireworks.

The family went camping this weekend and little Richie ended up staying up the canyon for a couple days. We went up to visit them Saturday, the first day they were up there, and he was having so much fun playing, we couldn't bring ourselves to drag him away. He had a great time. He spent most of the three days throwing rocks in the river and dragging a stick around and he loved it. Too bad for him his parents aren't big fans of camping because he was totally into it. Now he is visiting Burley again. He has only been gone a day, but I really miss him already.

Big Richie is about to open show number four! The season is going pretty well and they have decided to add three performances of a show that Richie and our friend Joe did at Rutgers called "Stones in His Pockets" after the regular season closes. If you are close by, you should really try and see these shows, especially "Stones". Richie is fantastic in his shows, he does some really great work in "The Dresser" in particular. We would love to see any of you that can make it.

If you want to see more pics of the wedding and little Richie in general, click on the "mom and papa call clan" link.