Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back in Jersey

After a fun trip to California and six days of driving across the country, we are back in New Jersey. We have actually been home for a little over a week, but with everything I have had to do, posting on my blog has not been a priority. Our new place is coming together, slowly but surely; it is hard getting things done with a demanding 10-month-old and an active 3-year-old, so it is taking me forever to get unpacked. I have A LOT to update, so I will have to do it in installments. Today is pictures of Disneyland.

Sophia's favorite thing at Disneyland was the Enchanted Tiki Room and little Richie's was the Buzz Lightyear ride. It was a LONG, fun day.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello from California

Just a little update on our grand adventure. We left Logan on Sunday the 10th and drove to St. George. We have learned that if we stop about every two hours the kids do pretty well on the drive, so we stopped in Spanish Fork to visit my brother Tim, and we stopped once more in Beaver before finishing the trip in St. George, Utah. We had a fun night staying up and watching the Olympics, little R is really getting into them, but I really think is using it as an excuse to stay up late. On Monday we drove the rest of the way to California where we are staying with a cousin of my father-in-law, and they are taking great care of us. It was nice to make it here and have a few days to do some exploring.

On Tuesday we went to Disneyland! It was a long day, but we had such a great time. There was a little drama and stress at the beginning of the day when I realized that I had lost my cell phone, but after checking at all the places we had been with no luck we decided that we wouldn't let it ruin our day. It was so fun to be there with the kids. I thought Richie would love it, but I didn't think Sophia would really get into it. I was so surprised by how Sophia reacted, she really had a great time, especially in the enchanted tiki room. She was such a sport all day, they both were. Richie loved riding the train and Dumbo and the rocketships and he was very excited about meeting Mickey, until we actually met him and he got really shy. We did get a great family picture with Mickey that I will have to share later. Little Richie's favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride where he got to shoot lazer guns at the badguys. We stayed in the park long enough to meet up with friends who work there and watch the night show, Fantasmic, and the fireworks. We were all worn out at the end of the day, but we made great memories.

Yesterday we met up with big Richie's cousin and she let him tag-along on a couple auditions for commercials and little R got to play with her son. Richie was so happy to have a little friend to play with and he actually had his first slumber party and stayed at their house last night. Today we spent the day with Richie's cousin again and went to Venice Beach. It was the little ones' first time to the beach, so there was sand in the mouth and eyes and some crying, but for the most part we all had a good time.

It has been lots of fun, but we are all very tired. We have had early mornings, no naps and late nights and I have never seen Little R so tired. He is so sweet and has been such a trooper, he has had a few small meltdowns today, but it is completely understandable. We are having fun, but we are excited to get back home and into a regular routine.

We have one more day in California and then we take off on our long drive back to New Jersey. We plan on taking our time, but we still have long driving days in front of us. We should be back in New Jersey by the 22nd. Hopefully I can put up some good pictures and do a nice travelog of the rest of our trip when we get home.

P.S. So as we were about to leave Disneyland and were checking "lost and found" one last time, someone called Richie from my phone and told us that he had found my phone in the park, but he had left Disneyland and he was in L.A. We tried to figure out a way to get the phone back, but the guy had a very thick accent, and Richie was having a tough time communicating with him so just to be safe we replaced my phone and had the other one disabled. My phone number is the same, so if you me to have your number again, text me or call me so I can program you in.