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We've Been Tagged!

BonnieBriNan, and Sarah Tagged Us . . .

So we'll do a tag-team response. You'll have to guess which answers belong to Chrislynn and which ones belong to me.

We are to list 7 random things about us.....
and then tag 7 people to do the same.

1. I still sleep with my baby blanket.
2. I've read all the Harry Potter books twice.
3. After I watched Super Size Me I actually craved French Fries.
4. I hate running lines with my husband.
5. I was once contacted by a Casting Director and considered for a role in the church film Joseph Smith, The Prophet of the Restoration.
6. I recently shaved my arms.
7. My wife is smokin' hot!
1. Aubrey
2. Garrett
3. Anson
4. Morgan
5. Eva
6. Isaac
7. Gavin

A Conversation with Lightning McQueen

We were playing in the kids room this morning, and Little Richie started having a dialogue with Lightning McQueen (who he calls "Stickers"). This was the dialogue:

Richie: "Hey, Stickers, you're a toy!"

Stickers: "I am, Richie?"

Richie: "Yeah."

The Obvious Answer

While playing with his trains, Richie tells Dad, "Cranky's sad."
"Why is he sad, buddy?" Dad asks.
"Because he's not happy."

Happy Birthday Sophia

It seems like Sophia just joined our family, but today she is one year old!  She is walking and takes more and more steps on her own each day.  Sophia is such a busy girl.  She loves to get into cupboards and drawers and always wants to be in the middle of the action; that action is usually whatever her big brother is doing, which drives him crazy, but he really loves her.  We can't even remember what life was like before she was in it.

I was trying to get some video of her taking a couple steps on her own, but as soon as I turned on the camera, she stopped doing it.


I am sorry the last post left people hanging (and little Richie). I wish I could say that I was being a protective mother by turning off the camera and running to my child, but to be honest, I had already started to turn off the camera when he fell, and I just happened to get the beginning of it recorded. I always seem to turn the camera off just as things are getting interesting. Anyway, I know the end of the video was unresolved, sorry.

Every day Richie asks to ride his "bicycle" to the park so we get bundled up, Sophia goes in the stroller and Richie rides the trike to the park. He asks twice a day, and even though it is getting colder we go twice a day. He loves swinging and going down the slide with Sophia. One day last week they had a lot of fun playing in the leaves and Sophia even participated in a sword fight, sort of. I think she was just trying to keep the other stick from poking her in the face. If it were up to Richie we would probably stay at the playgro…

More Video

Richie: The Tricycle Master

Here's some video that Chrislynn shot of Richie on his Tricycle. We've got some more videos coming, but I thought I'd put this one up in the meantime. I love how he picks up his feet to the side when he goes down hill!

Guessing Game

Can you guess the mystery shape on Sophia's shoulder?

If you guessed bite marks in the shape of Richie's mouth, you guessed correctly!
You win one screaming baby girl!

Picking Apples

One of the fun things about living in the east is the local farms where you can pick your own produce.  Last year we went apple picking for the first time a couple weeks before Sophia was born and I have been looking forward to going again ever since.  We went to a farm down in Princeton that has a family fun festival every Saturday in the fall, and the farm was really busy.  We thought the kids would enjoy seeing the farm animals, and maybe taking a hay ride, and we were looking forward to the cider donuts.  Little Richie wasn't feeling well, the animals were hiding and it was so crowded that the line for donuts was really long so we decided to just head to the orchard and do some apple picking.  That was why we went, after all.
It didn't take too long before we had a good twenty pounds of apples and were ready to head home.  Poor Richie didn't get to enjoy the day as much as we hoped he would, but we were still glad we were able to do it.

It's Our Anniversary

Six and a half years ago I was one semester away from finishing my BFA in theatre/set design.  I had a job working for the Old Lyric Repertory Company designing and acting.  One week before the season started I went into the scene shop to drop off some drawings and talk to my friend who was the company stage manager.  That day I met Richie Call, who was working on the early build.  I had actually met him once before, the summer before his mission, and I thought he was cute then, but way too young for me.  Now he was old enough, and still cute.  I wasn't looking for anything serious, but I thought maybe he could be my "pretend summer boyfriend", meaning we could hang out all summer with no expectations or obligations.  Richie had other ideas.
From about the minute we met, Richie believed he would marry me.  At first that completely freaked me out, especially when he started telling me he loved me about two weeks later.  I was very resistant to his affections at first.  For…

Thursday Fun

Yesterday was quite a day. 
It started like this...
We are working hard at potty training and we had a very successful morning! I know we still have work to do and it won't be an easy road, but it was very gratifying that it is starting to work.

Then we went to a farm with a pumpkin patch.

Sophia loved playing with the pumpkins. Richie liked to pick up the pumpkins and show me how strong he is. Richie was so happy his friend Adam was there.  

We went to Adam's house for lunch after the farm and stayed the afternoon. The day ended in Spiderman costumes. Ah, the life of a super hero.

As I helped Richie off the trampoline he said to me, "Mom, you're a super hero."  I wasn't sure I heard him correctly so I asked him what he said, and he said, "You're a super hero, Mom!"  and gave me a huge hug.  How often do you get that kind of compliment from your kids? 
It was a fun day with friends.  Jenalyn and I needed the play date as much as the kids.  Sometimes i…

Helping Hands

When we got home on Saturday night it was time to get the kids to bed, but Richie hadn't had dinner yet because he had been too busy playing to be bothered with food. So while I was going through Sophia's bedtime routine, Richie was eating his macaroni and cheese. When he finished he carried the bowl into the bathroom where Sophia was bathing and said, "Mom, we need to put this in the kitchen." I told him that was right, and he could go do that for me. He scurried off with the empty bowl and I didn't think of it again until a few hours later when I opened the fridge and found his bowl sitting on the shelf. He had put it in the kitchen in the easiest place for him to reach. It made me smile.

Conference Weekend

I hope everyone had a great conference weekend. We decided to visit Drew and Eryka on Saturday and when Dad told little Richie that we were going to visit his cousins Isaac and Stella, he came running into my room and said excitedly, "Mom! We're going to see Alec and Zoah!" We practiced saying their names during the drive to New York, and he was finally saying Stella by the time we got there, but I'm not sure he ever got the hang of Isaac.

We got a flat tire on the New Jersey Turnpike. Dad put the donut on and we drove very slowly the rest of the way. Most people on the turnpike drive an average of 80 mph, and we could go no faster than 50. We felt like we were crawling, but at least we made it safely and then we found a place near Drew's house to get new tires. We have actually been planning on getting new tires since we have driven across the country a few times in the last couple years. The car had to be inspected this month for registration and everythi…