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My 10 Favorite Movies of All-Time

Ever since I was in high school my 3 favorite movies have been Princess Bride, Dead Poet's Society, and The Truman show.  Since then, that list has been as secure for me as my 3 favorite candies: Sour Patch Kids, Dots, and Mike and Ikes.  However, deep down I knew that someday that list might have to change.  Well, along came Lord of the Rings, and the security I had built upon the surety of my favorite movies was shaken forever.  Instead of reevaluating my list, I've simply wallowed in uncertainty ever since.  But today, I have changed that!  Since I've been making lists lately, I figured it was time to tackle this one.
1. The Lord of the Rings Yes, this is my favorite movie of all time.  I include all three; The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.  I love them!  I think part of my love for them comes from Fellowship being the first movie I saw in the theatre after my mission.  I had seen advertisements at burger king for the movie, and I rem…

Thanksgiving in New York!

When we first decided that we would be moving to New Jersey, one of the things that comforted us about the big move was that we would be close to Drew and Eryka who were living in New York. Well, as we were driving across the country with all of our stuff, Drew and Eryka were in the middle of a move to Spain. Now, two years later, they're back, and we got to spend a Thanksgiving with them. It was wonderful! We slept over on Wednesday night, the kids had a blast playing with each other, Drew took me to the new James Bond movie, and we had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner thanks to Eryka, Chrislynn, and some neighbors who let Eryka use their ovens. Thanks Drew and Eryka for having us over!
The kids playing with trains.

Isaac teaching Richie how to play Wii.

Eryka got the kids (and Chrislynn) kits to make Pilgrims.
Sophia decided to make a game out of how far she could get up the stairs... all day long.
The prettiest girls in town.

A post Turkey Dinner nap.

50 Favorite TV Shows of All-Time

I love Thanksgiving Break! We had a great Thanksgiving today with Drew and Eryka, but we'll have a separate post about that later. For now I want to post another list: Favorite TV shows. Now this is a big list so I'll split it into categories. Keep in mind again, that the order is sometimes based more on nostalgia and the good memories associated with who I watched the show with. Also, I watched a lot of these shows in syndication.

1. The Wonder Years
2. Saved by the Bell
3. Friends
4. Seinfeld
5. Arrested Development
6. Lost
7. Growing Pains
8. Cheers
9. Full House
10. The Cosby Show
11. Charles in Charge
12. Family Ties
13. M*A*S*H
14. The Office
15. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
16. Heroes
17. House
18. How I Met Your Mother (The verdicts still out on this one for me, but I love watching it with Chrislynn)
19. Who's the Boss?
20. Night Court (I don't remember much about it, but I remember I really liked this show for some reason)
21. X-Files (I'm only now getting into…

My 76 Favorite Cartoons of All-Time

Thanksgiving Break is here! That means five days in a row off! I'm so excited to be with Chrislynn, Richie, and Sophia, go visit Drew and Eryka, find a way to see Sissy, read for fun, and watch some movies. Sophia woke up early this morning, which woke Richie up, and I got up with them. Normally, I would go lay down for a little while before I leave for class after Chrislynn wakes up, but there's something about a day off that gives me energy. So instead of a nap, I decided to make a list of my favorite cartoons from as far back as I can remember to when I grew up (hasn't happened yet). I know the order will seem strange to some, but it has more to do with nostalgia than anything else.

1. Thunder Cats

2. Duck Tales
3. Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers
4. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
5. BraveStarr

6. The Ren and Stimpy Show
7. Tiny Toon Adventures
8. Pinky and the Brain
9. Inspector Gadget
10. Heathcliff
11. Jim Henson's Muppet Babies
12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

My Wife, The 16 Year Old Girl

First, let me say that this is in no way an attempt to tease or make fun of my wife. I am, after all, an enormous Harry Potter fan, New Kids On The Block aficionado, and Top 40 junkie. This is simply a post to let everyone know how adorable my wife is. A few months ago I got Chrislynn Twilight. A lot of people had recommended she read it, I thought she might like it, and truth be told, I thought I'd like to read it eventually myself. Well, she just didn't get into it. Then, only a few days ago, I saw her crack it open for the first time. For the next couple of days, every time I came into the room she was reading in, I would inevitably find her grinning from ear to ear, sometimes even giddy. Now, only a few days after starting Twilight, she's already well into New Moon, the second book in the series.

Chrislynn's smile and seeing her happy is the source of some of the greatest joy in my life. I'm glad Stephenie Meyer can make her feel like that. Morgan, I t…


We closed our show, BLUE/ORANGE, a couple weeks ago, and these pictures were just made available to us on line. So I thought I'd share a few with you. It was a good show. It was great to work with Joe again, and we really enjoyed working with Chris, the third member of the cast.

Now we're in the middle of another round of auditions. The department is casting for the first half of next semester which includes Merry Wives of Windsor and Sea Marks. We'll see what happens, and I'll keep you posted. Just a couple more days before Thanksgiving Break! That means Christmas break is just around the corner!!!

Happy Birthday!

Today is Richie Call II's birthday. I am so blessed to have this man as my husband, he is a wonderful husband and father. 
We love him very much! 

This is from the summer.  We are up Logan Canyon on "singing rock" where Richie intended to propose to me.  He ended up proposing to me on the way to a rehearsal, across the street from the temple, he just couldn't wait until we had some free time to go up the canyon.  We stopped there last summer after spending time up the canyon with Richie's family and took this family picture. Hiking down to singing rock. Snuggling with Sophia. Watching a movie with Richie.
Happy 28th birthday, Babe!  I love you!

p.s. Happy birthday Kim :)

Then I say...

Richie had an audition for a movie yesterday, not big Richie/Daddy, little Richie! How crazy is that? One of big Richie's teachers has a daughter who is a casting agent and she is working on a movie directed by Nancy Meyers with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin and they are looking for a little hispanic boy between 4 and 6 that can be a little terror. Somehow little Richie came up and they asked if we would be interested in having him audition. They looked at our blog and eventually gave us a call to set up an appointment, but initially decided against seeing him because he is only three, but a few hours after the first phone call, we got another call saying they wanted to see him after all. We got a side (a short scene) for him to prepare and we did our best to get him to try and learn it.

Yesterday, the coldest day of the season so far, we bundled up and went into the city. The audition was in a building in Times Square and we went early enough that we could have spent some ti…

Splish Splash!

Recently Richie has started saying "I don't want to get my hands wet" when I tell him it is bath-time.  So I tell him he doesn't have to, he gets in the bathtub and eventually starts playing in the water.  The latest development is: "I don't want to get my hands and feet wet."  This takes some flexibility, but he manages to do it, and he manages to not get very clean.
Look how long Sophia's hair is getting!  (Sorry about the glare on the picture, but it is such a cute shot, I decided to use it anyway.) She is my little unicorn.


This week I picked up a pencil and sketch book and drew for the first time in years. It is not easy to draw with the kids around, little Richie always wants to "help" me, so I have to take breaks and let him draw and I just can't draw with Sophia around. That limits the amount of time that I can actually do it, but it has been so nice to get back to drawing. I have been needing to do something other than just "mothering" lately, and I can do this and still be a mom. It was nice to see that I am still capable of doing it. Here is what I have been working on this week.

In other news, little R spent the entire day in big boy underwear and only had one accident! We are making great progress.


Richie:  "I'm sorry I was cheeky." 
Stuffed cat:  "That's okay."
Do you think someone has been watching too much Thomas and Friends?

I Just Love This Girl!

When I say "Peekaboo" she holds up her hands like this. . .
. . . she usually doesn't actually cover her eyes, but that makes it that much cuter.

Don't Forget to Vote!

This may not be a popular campaign poster for some of our blog viewers, but I wanted to do my part to remind people to vote tomorrow. I always get so excited to watch the map of the United States turn red and blue on Election Day. So don't forget to vote!

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

Halloween Week in Review

(This is a long one.)

Last Saturday Richie's sister, Giselle, came up for a quick visit.  She was nice enough to babysit so we could go to the temple and them she stayed and went to our ward Halloween party with us.  
We were not sure we were going to get Richie to put on his polar bear costume, but moments before we walked out the door, he finally agreed.  We got the costume last year, but he didn't get a chance to wear it, with Sophia's arrival and his REFUSAL to put it on.  It seemed like this year would be a repeat (the refusal part), but he put it on and actually got really excited about it.  Sophia was a little elephant, so Mom and Dad went as the zoo keepers.
Sophia's birthday celebration was very low key.  I was going to make her a cupcake cake, or maybe a Tinkerbell cake, but I was not organized enough to get either done, so we ended up getting her a Carvel ice cream cake, just like little Richie had on his first birthday.  Richie was more excited than Sophia abo…