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Christmas, continued

We made it safely to Idaho after a long and exhausting travel day.  The 27th was a really busy travel day and we were right in the middle of the chaos.  Finding the Philadelphia airport was pretty easy, but when we got to the economy parking lot we were told it was full and we could go back to the day parking, but it was $20 a day and we could not afford that for seven days.  We asked if there was another alternative and were told there was off-site parking lots and given vague directions to those.  We drove and drove and were about to give up when we finally found the parking and it ended up being cheaper, so that was good.  
We were dropped off at the Southwest terminal and greeted to some of the longest lines I have ever seen at an airport.  Our poor kids were so patient while we waited for AN HOUR AND A HALF to check in.  On top of that, our flight was already delayed over an hour, and we had gotten to the airport a few hours early, so after we finally checked-in, we had a lot of t…


We have had a wonderful Christmas season this year. Christmas is much more fun with little ones and we have had lots of fun! This is the first year little Richie has sat on Santa's lap, and I think it was good that we waited because he was really excited about it and not scared at all. Sophia would have nothing to do with Santa, so we'll wait to introduce her to Santa. My favorite thing about this time of year is all the time we get to spend together as a family.

Richie told Santa he wanted a crocodile for Christmas. Santa's response was "Well, I'll start looking in the New York City sewers for that." Richie was thrilled with the Dinosaur coloring book Santa gave him.

The Sunday before Christmas.

We went to Drew and Eryka's for a yummy Christmas Eve dinner. Sophia and Stella did some more bonding and everyone played with the Thomas train set. Thanks for having us over!

Christmas Eve pajamas.

The kids had fun opening presents and eating chocolate.

Potty Training

We are so proud of little Richie, and his progress with potty training. He's now wearing "big boy underwear" all day long, and we're ready to try keeping them on through the night as well. He even lets us know he needs to go to the bathroom when we're at a store. Well, sometimes he doesn't tell us, he just shows us by doing the "pee-pee dance." This mostly happens when he's playing with really cool toys at a store and he doesn't want to be bothered with a trip to the bathroom.

However, there have naturally been some challenges and occasional accidents. More recently, the challenge has been his independence, resulting in his refusal to let us help him. This results in the occasional putting of the underwear on backwards or inside out.

We've anticipated most of these challenges. However, we were not prepared for the most recent one . . . the "oops, I got the toilet seat stuck on my head" challenge.

You may be wondering why I&…

Deck the Halls

We put up our Christmas tree this week. We have a little artificial tree we got the first Christmas we were married and it works really well for our little family. We set it up on top of my drafting table so that curious little hands can't reach it. Little Richie was very excited and wanted to help, but mostly he thought the decorations were toys and played with them while Dad put lights on the tree. Sophia wants to do whatever Richie does, so she played with decorations when she could sneak them away from Richie. After Dad got the tree lit, Richie helped put up a couple ornaments and then Mom finished decorating while Dad put the kids to bed. We are all excited for Christmas, so much that I don't think we'll be able to put any presents under the tree, because they won't make it all the way to the 25th.

This was such a FUN day!

Today we went to Strasburg, Pennsylvania for a "Day out with Thomas". A life size Thomas the tank engine visits the Strasburg Railroad three times a year and since it is only a couple hours away, we decided to go see it today. We only got lost a couple times on the way, but we were in some beautiful Amish country, and we were never too far off track. Little Richie was so cute on the trip. When he heard me giving directions he would say, "No, we not going to highway 202, we going to see Thomas." He said that several times; even though we were never that lost, it took some work to get headed the right direction.  He also said, "I'n SO EXCITED to see the cool Thomas today!" at one point as we were driving along.  His excitement made the whole trip more fun.
When we found the railroad, we could see Thomas at the station and we pointed him out to Richie.  We said, "Richie, do you see Thomas?"and at first he couldn't actually see him, but …