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Hair Cuts

Sophia's hair was getting very long and only looked good if it was put up in ponytails.  Grandma put her hair in a very cute style the other day, but we knew it was time for her first hair cut. Here is her shaggy hair before.
She was very good in the chair.  She sat still and was very patient, and she does not usually hold still for anything. This is the cute little bob she got.  I think it is adorable, and she loves showing it off.
Richie's hair was getting really shaggy, too.  The last hair cut he got was not very good (I did it myself) and as it grew out you could tell just how bad it really was. He was not very excited about getting his hair cut, but eventually he cooperated. After his cut he chose red hair gel and looked pretty cool.

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

On Christmas Eve we told the kids they could open one present and they were bursting with excitement. They both tore into the packages and couldn't wait to see what was inside. Sophia was thrilled with her pink pajamas, especially when I opened mine that matched . . .
. . . but Richie was very disappointed with his blue ones. His face fell and he said, "I thought I wanted to open a toy!" Poor guy had been waiting so long for this and then it was a pair of fleece p.j.'s. It didn't even cheer him up that Dad also had matching ones. After a lot of moping we decided to let him open one toy, and he cheered right up.
Christmas morning Richie hurried into the living room and sat looking at the tree wanting to know which presents were his.
Then he discovered what Santa had left him on the couch.
Santa brought Neville the black train (which he has been asking for for a year) and a Batman toy. He was very happy.
It took Sophia a little while to get into the swing of thin…

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Claus made a special appearance today at our family Christmas Eve lunch today. It was very exciting for the kids. Sophia has been telling everyone she sees for weeks that "Santa Claus is coming to town!" and she couldn't wait to have a little chat with him when he first came in. We are lucky that Santa took a break from his busy schedule and brought one of his special elves, too. I hope you have all been nice and not naughty, and that Santa visits you too! Merry Christmas Eve!

Frosty the Snowman

Here are pictures of the kids and Dad building the snowman. Sophia actually gave up halfway through the process and came inside, but Richie put up with the cold until they were done. He wanted to make it "way up to the sky", so he and Dad worked really hard until it was just right.
He did take a quick break to make a snow angel. The next day the sun was shining bright and they put the finishing touches on Frosty.

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

This morning we woke up to half a foot of snow and another foot has fallen through the day. The kids were very excited to go out and play in it and had lots of fun throwing snowballs. This is the first time Sophia has played in snow and it has been a while since Richie has, so it was a big treat.
They went out again later and built a snowman with Dad (I haven't loaded those pictures yet). While Dad and Richie were working on Frosty, Richie said, "Grandma has wonderful things!" We are so happy to be in Blanding for Christmas and we are looking forward to going to Idaho for New Years.

Grandma had hot cocoa ready when we came in from the snow, and Sophia especially enjoyed the whipped cream.
Thanks for the snow suit Bonnie and Vilma!

Christmas in New York

Last night was our last chance to make it into Rockefeller Center, so Dad dragged us out at 7 p.m. to drive in to the city to see the tree. Honestly I was not thrilled about the idea of leaving so late, but I am glad we did it. The kids were pretty amazed by the giant tree, especially Richie. When we turned the corner and saw the tree his mouth dropped open, his eyes got really wide and he said, "Whoa!" They also liked the ice skaters and the snowflake light show on fifth avenue.
Richie liked the lights, but he REALLY wanted to go to the model train store that we passed on the way to the tree. When we got to the store on the way back to the car it was closing, but they let us in just for a minute to look at the trains, which was very nice of them. It wasn't as cold as it has been, but it was pretty cold. I ended up wrapping my scarf around Sophia and putting my gloves on her as well. We didn't stay very long, but it was fun to go and have the kids really enjoy it. …

Sunday School Announcement

Yesterday, during Sunday School, Chrislynn and I were in class when the door opened and Sophia was in the arms of one of the nursery leaders. Sister Rockwell was trying to get our attention, but Sophia beat her to it. Sophie yelled out, "Mom! I pooped!"

Trimming the Tree

Richie and Sophia were so excited to decorate our little tree tonight. I put on the lights, but the kids put most of the decorations on and I didn't even have to fix very much and the tree looks great. Both kids are getting more and more anxious about Christmas. Sophia has just learned about Santa Claus, and ever since seeing him on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade she has been saying "Santa Claus is coming! Santa Claus is coming!" (Which actually sounds more like "Sa-uhcausicomeen.") We are looking forward to a great holiday season!

Sophia and Friend

This morning I put on a DVD to "baby sit" while I worked on getting the house ready for Thanksgiving, and I guess Sophia invited a friend to watch with her. I thought it was too cute how she sat her baby doll in the princess chair.
Lately this doll is always undressed; Sophia's new obsession seems to be undressing her dolls. So if anyone is wondering about what Sophia might like for Christmas, I think dress-up dolls would be a hit--they will probably be undressed all the time, but still a favorite.

One year older (and one day late).

Yesterday was Dad's birthday!
Little Richie helped me make the cake. He was very pleased that he helped, but very impatient to eat it. Dad had to work most of the day, and he kept asking "When is Dad coming home so we can have his birthday cake?" We didn't have enough candles for the all 29, so it just has 9. When Dad got home we sang "Happy Birthday" and the kids helped him blow out the candles . . . . . . and unwrap his presents. Because of our limited budget, we made presents this year. Richie drew a picture of himself. I drew polar bears. Richie has wanted me to do this for him for years and he seemed really happy about it. As an added bonus, Aunt Sissy and Raddick came for a quick visit. We love you Dad! Hope your birthday was awesome!

. . . priceless.

Tonight before going to bed, little Richie gave me a big hug and said, "Mom, I love you so much for all the fun things we do, so I want to give you something." I asked him what he was going to give me, and he thought about it for a while before he answered, "Uhmm, six dollars."

Revenge may be sweet, but sometimes Sophia isn't.

Remember when Richie bit Sophia?
Well, she finally got him back, but much worse.

He was trying to give her a hug and she REALLY wanted her space. When it happened he screamed in pain and came running to me and told on her. I had told him to leave her alone, but he is obsessive about giving her hugs and kisses. I hope he has learned a lesson, but I have a feeling this is not the last of this kind of injury.

Playtime at the Park

This morning we went to a park and played with some friends. It was a beautiful, crisp morning and the kids had lots of fun playing while we moms visited. We finished the day down by the lake feeding the ducks and geese. The kids have colds, Dad is getting over the flu, and we have been stuck in the house all week, so it was great to get out. We had a really fun morning.