Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stones in His Pockets

This is long overdue, but I realized that I never put up any pictures from last summer when Richie and Joe did Stones in His Pockets at the Lyric.  I didn't design the set because we didn't have much time, but I painted the drop and the rest of the scenery.  It was kind of nice to rediscover some of my old skills.  Richie and Joe were great and it was an excellent production.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sophia was in the bath and Richie came in, leaned over the edge, and started splashing. I left the room for a couple minutes and I could hear them splashing and laughing. I went back into the bathroom and found this...

I don't know if I will ever understand three-year-olds.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mamma's Little Helper

Sophia is such a little girly-girl. She loves baby dolls and stuffed animals and whenever I am in the kitchen she wants to get in on the action. She gets especially excited when I get out the broom and mop. If I do the job without letting her help out, she throws quite a temper tantrum until I let her touch the broom. It probably will not last and when I actually want her to sweep the floor she will refuse, but for now it is sure cute!

Sophia is wearing the apron Grandma Gail made for her. It is a little too big, but I was wearing my apron, so I thought I would try it on her.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

News On My Dad

For those of you who don't know, my dad was recently diagnosed with cancer in his right leg. It's called a sarcoma which as far as I know means malignant cancer of the soft tissue. They've determined that it hasn't spread to his lungs (which is the first place this specific cancer is likely to spread). They will be checking to make sure it hasn't spread to other places. The doctors say that it is operable, but they want to radiate it for 5 weeks to shrink it first. Right now it is 24 centimeters long, 6 centimeters wide, and 6 centimeters deep. They're going to try as hard as they can to remove the mass without doing permanent damage to his leg.

My mom is really the best person to hear all this info from, but as you can imagine, it's hard for her to communicate by phone with everyone she would like to. So we've created a blog that she will post regular updates on for people who are interested. This is also a great place to post comments of encouragement and love for my dad.

I'm sure he would greatly appreciate hearing from any of you, even those of you he doesn't know. So if you're interested, the blog is:

or you can follow the link to the right that says, "Papa Call."

Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Day in Primary

Today was Richie's first day as a sunbeam in primary.  We thought last Sunday was going to be his first day, but the primary presidency pushed it back because a lot of teachers were still gone for the holidays.  We were a little disappointed because we had been working hard to get him excited about primary, and then he had one more week in nursery.  

Today was the big day.  We didn't spend the whole morning telling him he was going to be a sunbeam like we did last week, but he was still prepared.  He asked to go to nursery and I told him that he was a big boy now, and he didn't go to nursery anymore.  He knew exactly where the primary room was and walked right in, he didn't want to sit on the front row, but he did sit down and seemed fine with the whole thing.  Soon he was sitting next to his new teacher with his class and suddenly he was a sunbeam.  It is such an exciting day!  

I am a little sad that he doesn't get to go to nursery anymore, because he loved it so much and he had great teachers; they were all so sad at the end of the year knowing he was graduating into primary, they love him so much.  I am glad he is moving on and that he will be learning more about the gospel, though.  Today when I picked him up he was wearing a crown that says "I am a Child of God" and he told me that he is a king.  He seemed to really enjoy himself, his new teacher said he had fun, and I got positive reports from members of the presidency and the chorister.  They were all surprised at how well-behaved the sunbeams are this year, last year the sunbeams were quite a handful at the beginning of the year.  I was happy that he had a good day, I just wished that I could have spied on him to see how things were going for him.

Trying to get a shot of him before church
Richie's latest thing is refusing to open his eyes for pictures
We have to be sneaky to catch him at just the right moment
Our ward meets right during his nap, so he was pretty sleepy when we got home
He's saying, "I am a child of God"

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year

We had a good visit to Burley, although I had a sinus infection the entire week, so I was not much fun. The kids had a great time and it was good to spend time with family. We flew home on the 2nd, and other than having to wake up at 3:30 a.m. to make our 7 a.m. flight, it was a much easier travel day than when we flew out. We stayed with my brother, Tim, the night before and met his sweet new baby boy. He lives in Spanish Fork, which is much closer to the airport than Burley and we were grateful for their hospitality, even if we were only there for a couple hours. Now we are back into our normal routine. I have been on antibiotics and feel much better, Richie plays with trains all day long, Sophia is busy as ever and Daddy started rehearsals for The Merry Wives of Windsor on Monday. After we got home we got some scary news about my father-in-law. He has a cancerous tumor in his leg, but we are hopeful that it can be removed and treated. Please keep him (and our whole family) in your thoughts and prayers.

Here are some more pictures from the trip.

We got family pictures before Giselle flew home, Sophia is not quite the poser that her brother is.  Richie was a rock star playing the drums from Guitar Hero, World Tour, and Sophia shared Anson's iPod.  Richie spent most of his time alternating between Batman and Spiderman costumes and chasing Aubrey who was the Green Goblin or the Joker, depending on who he was, of course.  Before Richie went to bed on New Year's Eve Aunt Bree let him do the poppers and he LOVED it. "Happy New Year!"