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1-year-old approved

This afternoon before I put Sophia down for her nap I cuddled with her and sang (to the tune "We love you Conrad" from Bye Bye Birdie)

I love you Sophie, 
Oh yes I do.
I love you Sophie,
And I'll be true.
When you're not near me,
I'm blue.
Oh, Sophie, I love you.

Then I laid her in the crib and she clapped her little hands. I said, "Did you like that song?" And with a big smile, extra cute with the binky still in her mouth, she nodded her head yes.  

It was one of the best applause I have ever had.

Her new favorite activity is climbing into various toy containers.   Sometimes her dolls join her too.  Can you stand it?

Valentine's Day

I know I am a week late, but we had a rough week; just as Sophia started feeling better, Richie got sick. Things are finally getting back to normal, Richie and Sophia are both feeling better and other than being exhausted from a couple weeks of sick kids, I am okay, too.

I am a traditional girl, give me roses and chocolates for Valentine's and I am happy. Sophia was still sick on Valentine's, and big Richie had a show that night, so we didn't do anything special, but I did get a beautiful bouquet and some yummy chocolates. We did get to spend the whole day together until the show, and that was pretty nice.

The Merry Wives of Windsor just closed.  It was a great show and Richie was fantastic. Now we are looking forward to lots of good Daddy time.

Sick Kids

This week the girl that is always going was stopped in her tracks. Both kids have been sick, but Sophia has had it worse than Richie. On Tuesday Richie had a fever and complained all day that his throat hurt, but on Wednesday was almost back to himself. However, on Wednesday afternoon I went in to get Sophia from her nap and discovered that she had thrown-up all over the crib. Before I had put her down for her nap I wondered if she was feeling sick, because she was acting very cuddly, and Sophia is not a cuddler; I wish I had been wrong. The poor girl continued vomiting the rest of the day and into the night, even though she had little to eat or drink after the first time. She snuggled with me most of Wednesday, and wouldn't let me put her down at all on Thursday. This is unusual behavior for Sophia, and I am glad to get to cuddle with her, it is just too bad that it's because she feels so crummy.

Last night Dad and I changed poopy diapers about every hour and this morn…

Grandpa & Grandma

Grandpa Worthy & Grandma Gail came for a short visit this week and we have loved having them here. They flew in on Tuesday, which happened to be one of the stormiest days we have had all winter, but everything ended up working out great. They were originally supposed to fly into Laguardia Airport, but their flight from Houston was canceled, so they changed to a flight that flew into Newark. They were able to take a train from there and that made it much easier on all of us to get them to our home. It was much better than driving out to Queens in the snow, or them having to take a taxi to the city and then a train. 
Anyway, they got here safely and we had a great visit. We didn't do anything exciting, we really just hung out in our apartment because our car isn't big enough for all of us to go anywhere in. It is also way too cold to do anything outdoors, but we still had fun.  Tonight they are seeing Richie's play The Merry Wives of Windsor (he is GREAT in it), an…

Family Time

Richie and I used to take turns getting up in the morning with the kids so the other could sleep-in every other day (I never thought I would consider 8 a.m. sleeping-in, but there it is), but with the new year we decided to change that routine. We realized that we were wasting the little time we actually had to spend with each other, so now we all get up together, have family prayer and scripture study, and have a good hot breakfast. It has been such a great thing for our family.

After breakfast Dad does the dishes, which I am LOVING, and Riche has decided he wants to help. He loves doing things that grown-ups do and he likes spending the time with his dad.
Sophia thinks she is a big girl and always wants to be in the middle of the action. She especially likes climbing on things, so she gets very excited when Richie gets on the step stool to help with the dishes. She has only fallen off once, it was a pretty hard fall, but nothing too serious. Of course, that doesn't stop he…