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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Thanks for getting married 38 years ago!

Sophia says...

Sophia is starting to use more and more words.  Here is the list of some of her current vocabulary:
*uh-oh *uhn-uh (meaning "no", this is probably her favorite word) *poop (she likes to sit on the potty like her brother, and she says this when she wants to do that, she never actually poops on the potty, but at least she has a vague understanding) *Da-da (this is her word for parent) *Ma-ma (she points to herself when she says this) *cooh-cooh (chocolate, or cookie, but usually chocolate) *jus (juice) *shus (shoes) *behbee (baby)
She is also a complete dare-devil.  Today Dad found her dancing on top of the drafting table in the kids room.  I don't know what we are going to do with this girl.
Little Richie bore his testimony in church for the first time yesterday.  He was sitting with his Dad and said, "I want to go up there.  I want to talk to all the people."  So his Dad took him up and helped him.  He was not scared at all and spoke very clearly and loudly, it was amazin…

Am I Crazy?

When little Richie gets dressed he often gets both legs stuck in one pant leg. This happened last night as he was putting his pajamas on and as I was helping him fix it I said, "Why do you do this?  It makes me BANANAS."
He just chuckled and said, "That's my mom."

The Artist Strikes Again

Richie came out of his room hiding his hands because he didn't want me to see that he had colored ALL OVER them with a marker.  He hadn't intentionally colored his face, but it smeared with green ink too, so it was obvious what he had been up to.  We went into the bathroom to wash it off and as he left I noticed little green footprints.  As I started examining him for more artwork I discovered he had colored his feet and all the way up his leg.  I didn't know until bath time that he had also colored on  his tummy.  He was quite a busy little artist that day. 

Chocolate Land

This week was big Richie's spring break (his last spring break!) and we decided to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania for a few days. We love chocolate, it is practically one of the major food groups in our house, so we thought it would be a fun little vacation. To get Richie excited about going, Dad told him we were going to chocolate land. I realized a couple days before the trip that Richie thought that meant we were going to a place where everything is made of chocolate, which is a pretty logical assumption if you are three and are told you are going to "chocolate land". As we were preparing to leave I asked him what he thought chocolate land was going to be like and he said, "All black (like chocolate) with black cars and roads and trees..."

I worried that he would be disappointed when we got there and everything was not made of chocolate, so we tried to explain that it wasn't going to be like what he thought, but it was going to be really fun. It was on…

We're Home

We had a fun mini-vacation in Hershey this week, I will give all the details soon.
Richie's Spiderman toy  went missing, and upon its discovery he exclaimed, "Mom, you found him, you found Spiderman!"
"Sophia found him." I told him.  
He then ran to Sophia and said, "Sophia, you found him!  You're a genius!"
What a compliment.
A couple elastic bands in the hair and she goes from baby to little girl in an instant.

Busy Girl

On a typical day you can find Sophia:

Trying on shoes... ...usually Richie's, but any shoes will do (she LOVES shoes)... ...hanging out in a toy box... ...or talking on the phone. She is very busy and important. :)

A Little Walk Down Memory Lane

When I was in college, this was my family:

We spent most of our time together, in classes, rehearsals and just hanging out, so one of my friends scheduled a portrait session with a photographer and we had "family portraits" taken.  It has been several years since I have seen some of them, but I will always consider them friends, and I am grateful they were my family, when my family was so far away.