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Inquiring minds want to know

Last night I was snuggling with the kids before bedtime when little Richie said to me, "Mom, are you going to have a new baby?"
I replied, "No, not now, but maybe I will some time. Do you think I should?"
"Yeah . . . but Sophia's a new baby." He said.
"No, Sophia's not a new baby, she's an old baby," I told him, "she's almost not even a baby any more."
"Oh," he said, looking a little confused because he still thinks of her as a baby.
I asked him again, "Should I have another baby?"
And after a thoughtful pause Richie said, "Yeah, Sophia needs a cousin."

A date with Mr. Darcy

I did not pose her for these pictures. She has decided that this is her book and has been "reading" all afternoon. We start them with the classics early in our family.

A Naked Escape

So this is the text message I got from Chrislynn tonight:
"So, as I was about to put Richie to bed we heard a noise in the bedroom and then the door knob jiggle. I opened the door to naked Sophia out of the crib."
Yeah, Sophia can climb out of her crib now. We found this out about a week ago when we woke up to her and Richie walking around the living room. At first we didn't notice anything strange, then Chrislynn said, "Is that Sophia?" She was walking around like this was something she did everyday.
The naked part is from our attempts to potty train her. She feels that she has to be completely naked to go to the bathroom, and she attempts it about every 20 minutes. Apparently even after bed time.

Older and Wiser

This is what little Richie told Sophia on the way to school:
"We're going to school, Soph! But just me. It's only for big boys . . . and girls . . . just big girls . . . not baby girls."

Richie's first day of pre-school

Yesterday little Richie went to pre-school for the first time. He was very excited, and so were we. He has wanted to go to school for a while now and almost couldn't contain himself yesterday when I reminded him that he was starting school.

He is going to a pre-school at Rutgers through the nutrition and food science department, so in addition to the teacher, there are several college student helpers, so the ratio of grown-ups to kids is pretty good. When he first got in the class room they put a smock on him to protect his clothes when they do their art projects and he got really grumpy. I asked him why he was making his angry face and he said, "I don't like painting, I just like coloring!" I tried to convince him that they weren't going to make him do anything that he didn't want to do, but he was still pouty when I left. There is an observation room where you can watch, so I went in there for the first 20 minutes or so. He was still looking upset un…

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad & Happy Birthday Siss!

Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! We wish we were there to celebrate with you! And Happy Birthday Sissy! We hope you all have a great day of celebration together!

And the winner is . . .

I don't know if it has anything to do with being a little boy, but everything with Richie is a competition these days, and I mean everything. This is a common exchange between us these days: Mom: "I love you." Richie: "I love you more." M: "I love you most!" R: "I love you BEST!" Now how can you argue with that?

Dear Amanda and Annette

Today while driving home from the store I heard "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi. As my four-year-old and I sang along I fondly thought of you both, and our version sung during lighting practicum.
Love, Chrislynn
p.s. Thanks New Jersey, for giving us Bon Jovi.