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Happy Birthday Sophia!

Yesterday was Sophia's second birthday! Our baby girl is turning into such a sassy little lady and we are so happy that she is part of our family. Even though some days she gives new meaning to "the terrible twos", she is also very loving, fun and happy, and she is constantly doing things that make us laugh.
We love you sweet Sophia! It was a very low key day, I spent a lot of time decorating the cake, and we let her open presents throughout the day. She got books from Grandma Gail, play dough, crayons and drawing paper, and a toy barn and farm animals.
Whenever I said "Happy birthday Sophia," she responded, "Happy dappy, Mom!"

I decorated a Tinkerbell cake for her this year. She blew out the candles all by herself.
And had the first bite of cake. "MMMM, frosting!" Even though we gave Richie some gifts so he wouldn't feel left out . . . . . . this is how he felt most of the day. He was pretty jealous of all the attention Sophia got, and he …


Richie was very excited about carving his pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern.
He practiced a bunch of faces for his pumpkin and eventually decided on the angry face (top left corner). Sophia also practiced her funny face. She really wanted to get in on the action. He loves his jack-o-lantern and asks to hold it all the time. Isn't he good at making that face?
Richie learned all about pumpkins last week in school and on Friday when Dad brought him home he said, "Richie, tell Mom what you learned about pumpkins today."
And he said, "They have beta-carotene and that's good for your eyes." So he knows that pumpkins are not just for carving at Halloween, he is going to the nutrition sciences preschool after all.

Field Trip to the Farm

Last week Richie had his first field trip to a local farm and Sophia and I went along. We took a hay ride and stopped all around the farm and the farmer told us about the different things at the farm. Richie preferred the hay ride at this farm to the ride we took at the other farm, because for this one we were sitting on actual hay, and he thought that was pretty cool. We saw apple and peach trees, corn, tomatoes, greens, asparagus, trees for cutting for Christmas and of course, pumpkins. We also saw a horse, some pigs, turkeys, and we even got to pet a hen.

After the hay ride the kids got to choose one small pumpkin each, and then I had to take lots of pumpkin pictures. Richie is very excited about carving his pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern and toasting the seeds. I think we will finally do that tonight.

The final activity of the day was to have a snack and listen to a book read by the teacher. Here Richie and Sophia are anxiously waiting for their snack.
Richie is such a happy kid…

Awesome Autumn Activities!

Last Saturday we found out that our favorite apples were ready for picking so we took spontaneous trip to the farm for some apple picking. Richie was very excited about the tractor that drives around the orchard, so even though we didn't actually need a ride to get to our apples, we took it anyway.

Richie discovered clover in the grass and picked a "lucky" one, or two or three. When we were done picking apples, he said, "This was my best day, and I don't even need my clover anymore."
After picking way more apples than we could afford, we went over to the farm for some dinner, cider donuts, and to see the farm animals. Richie REALLY wanted to take a pony ride, but we had just spent our last cash on dinner, so he had to settle for posing, petting sheep and trying to milk a fake cow. He couldn't figure out how to make it work and eventually ended up spraying himself in the face.
Sophia loves to smell flowers. If there are flowers along our path we have t…

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is our anniversary! Whenever little Richie heard us mention it throughout the day he would tell Sophia, "Yeah, it's our anniversary today!"

I love being married and having a family. I love that my husband will make phone calls for me, that he accepts all my craziness, that he and I have the cutest kids ever, how he makes me laugh, that we have fun together, and especially that he is my best friend and I never doubt that he loves me. It has been an awesome seven years!
These are from our honeymoon to Hawaii.

More Computer Trauma

Just when we thought our problems were over the computer officially gave up on us on Tuesday. We took it back into the Apple Store hoping that it was fixable, and the good news was that it was fixable, but the bad news was that we needed a new hard drive. A new hard drive is cheaper than a whole new computer, but still more than we wanted to have to pay. We got the computer back from the store today, and everything seems to be working fine.

Here is a little of what has been going on lately:

Eating popsicles with our toes.

Falling asleep an hour before bedtime.
Becoming OBSESSED with the Wiggles! Here she is watching the song "Rock-A-Bye Your Bear" "Everybody clap" " . . . hands in the air . . ." " . . . rock-a-bye your bear . . . " " . . . bear's now asleep. Shh, shh, shh." Little Richie was really into the Wiggles at this age, too, and luckily he is still tolerant of them, because we watch them over and over, every day.

Oh, and I had a b…