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Sledding on Old Main Hill

We took the kids sledding yesterday for the first time.  A friend called and asked if we wanted to meet him and his kids at Old Main Hill and we thought it would be fun, especially since the kids had never been before. It was super cold, but we bundled up and went out.  We didn't stay long, and even though the kids were frozen by the time we were done, Sophia asked if we could go again as soon as we got home.

Richie's first time down the hill scared him a little, but not enough to keep him from trying again.  Sophia had fun going down with her friend and followed her up and down the hill.  Grace and I spent most of the time in the car because it was just too cold for her to be outside, but I put her down on the seat when she fell asleep so I could get some pictures.

Temple Square

While living in New Jersey we would go into Rockefeller Center at Christmas to see the tree.  Now that we are in Utah again we wanted to take the kids to see the lights at Temple Square.  The trip to Salt Lake is about as long as the trip into New York City, but the parking is much easier.  The kids were ready to go home after seeing lights on the side of the interstate, but I think they were glad we went all the way to Temple Square.  I have such fond memories of going to Temple Square as a child, and I hope my kids will have good memories of it, too.

Grace did not enjoy the outing very much.  I think she was just too cold and over tired.  So we ended up holding her most of the time and Sophia took over the stroller on our way back to the car.


Santa found us at Grandpa and Grandma's house, and everyone had a very merry Christmas.  Sophia couldn't get enough of opening presents.  Richie loved it too, but he periodically said, "Presents are really nice, but the reason we are doing this is that it is Jesus' birthday."  It is nice to know that he is paying attention to us, sometimes.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve Aunt Giselle helped the kids make cookies for Santa. Sophia really enjoyed decorating hers.  She practically sprinkled half the bottle of sugar on her cookie and she sampled the frosting to make sure it was okay.  I am pretty sure it all met with her approval. After dinner the kids put on their Christmas pajamas and modeled them for us.

Then Grandpa Call read "The Night Before Christmas" and the kids opened one present.  The kids were so excited to finally open presents and after playing with his toy for a little while Richie yelled, "This is the best Christmas EVER!"  Just before bed we heard Santa's bells jingling and took the kids outside to investigate.  When we told them that Santa couldn't come to our house until they were asleep both kids got very anxious to go upstairs to bed.  Richie ran inside and to the room and Sophia kept yelling, "GRANDMA, I HAVE TO GO TO BED!!!" as Grandma was taking her picture.  

When Dad put her down …

"Your Voice Smells Like Tacos."

Things said by Richie and Sophia in 2010 that we posted on facebook:

Sophia's snack request: "I tell you what I want, um...sumpeen like gwaham cwackas...owah, cheese cwackas...owah, any kind of cwackas I want." 

She proceeded to refuse all crackers in the house and went with fruit snacks.

Sophia just said, "Raisins, I want raisins!" So I went and got raisins and she said, "Not raisins, I said raissins!" I was a little puzzled, and told her these were raisins, but she continued to protest. 

Finally I said, "Do you mean you want what Richie has?" and she said, "Yeah."

"That's a boiled egg."

"Oh, yeah, boyed eck."

Sophia turns 3 this month. We asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she thought for a while, and then said, "... ummm... i think... presents."

When Sophia saw her cake this morning she said, "OH MY GOONESS! THIS IS THE BEST BIWTHDAY EVAH!"

At the end of a wonderful, but long …

North Pole Express

For Christmas Grandma Call wanted all of us to go to the North Pole together, so she got us tickets to the North Pole Express that leaves out of a little town in Idaho.  It was a great day with the whole family.

I had to wake the kids up to get them ready to leave, which I hardly ever have to do, they are usually our alarm clock, but they were reluctant to wake up until I told them we had to go get on a train to the North Pole to see Santa.  They both perked right up and started chattering.  Sophia exclaimed, "The Polah Expwess?!!!" and  Richie said, "Oh, I had a different idea.  I was going to hide somewhere in the house where Santa can't see me."  He was talking about trying to catch Santa on Christmas Eve, but he decided taking the train to see him was a good idea, too.  They were both so excited and anxious.  Richie said he had never met the real Santa, and seemed really happy that he was going to.  It took about three and a half hours to get to the little …

'Tis the Season

It has been too long since I posted, but we had a busy month!  Dad turned 30 and the kids helped me make him a cake from scratch. We took pictures to give him as a gift. . . . . . and helped him open his presents. We went to Blanding for Grace's first Thanksgiving. Richie has started reading and read one of his books to Sophia before one of her naps. We decorated for Christmas.
Dad directed an amazing production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. . . . . . and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, which was Richie and Sophia's first play, and I also designed the set and did the props. This is how they felt after a LONG week of rehearsals and performances. Now our Christmas vacation has begun!

Dreamer vs Scientist

Sophia: "Dad, when I gwoh up, I'n goin' to be a stah catcha."

Little Richie: "You can't."

"Yes I can!"

"No you can't"

"Yes I can!  And I will!!!"

"No you can't.  Stars are made of gas and are really hot . . . Why don't you be a mom.  That's easier."
Winter is fast approaching. Today is blustery, cold and gray.  Fall was beautiful here in Logan with warm sunny days and cozy nights, but I can feel the cold of winter creeping in, and I am not sure I am ready.

I forgot to mention in the last post that even though Richie is smitten with little Grace, he has already started to tell Sophia that "Mom is going to have another baby and this time it is going to be a brother."  What do I do about that?

A Love Story

Richie is in love. From the day he met Grace he has been completely smitten. He loves her so much he wants to kiss her every minute of the day and sometimes I have to prevent him from smothering her. He just can't get enough!

It started in the hospital. . . . . . and continued when she came home. He requests pictures with her as often as he can. August September October Grace thinks Richie is pretty great, too.  She almost always smiles and giggles when she sees him.  Richie says he will always love Grace, and he will never be mean to her.  That is quite the promise.  Do you think I will be able to keep him to it? p.s. Sophia also loves Grace, she just doesn't have the photo documentation that Richie has.