Monday, January 25, 2010

Tots and Technology

Grandma showed Richie and Sophia her iPod touch and Richie quickly figured out how to use it by himself. He learned how to navigate youtube and he and Sophia spend lots of time watching favorite videos. He especially likes a couple spiderman videos he found, and Sophia likes nursery rhymes. I like it when they cuddle and share the iPod.
When I got home from the doctors office last week, Sophia was anxiously waiting and watching at the window. I thought she was just eager for me to get there, but my mom told me I was going to have a disappointed little girl on my hands, because she was expecting me to bring the baby home Luckily she didn't punish me too much.

Richie keeps asking "When is your baby going to come out?" and is very disappointed when I tell him not until the summer. When he is asked what kind of baby he wants he says, "One named Emily." He has even told his Dad this a couple times. We are not sure about that name, but we don't want to disappoint Richie either. Maybe we will have a boy and we won't have to worry about it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Special Announcement

My due date is July 28, 2010!

This is a view of the baby's head, body and arm.
Here is a view of the baby's legs.
Thanksgiving weekend I wasn't feeling very well and I started assessing my symptoms in the recent days and became suspicious that I might be pregnant. I was pretty worried about our financial situation and our decision for me and the kids to stay here in Utah after the holidays, and I thought maybe I was just imagining my condition because of the stress, so I took a pregnancy test to ease my mind. Well, it didn't exactly ease my mind. Two lines showed up, one was very faint, but there were two lines. I took the test out to Richie and asked him what he saw. It took him by surprise (the fact that I was handing him a pregnancy test), and he said it looked like two lines, but he couldn't be sure. It was a Sunday night, so he couldn't go out and buy another test, but first thing in the morning, he went out and got another test. There was no denying the results of that test, I am definitely pregnant.

It was so close to our trip that I didn't see a doctor before we left New Jersey, and I finally had an appointment yesterday. The first trimester is so funny, because even though I feel terrible, reminding me constantly that I am pregnant, I don't look pregnant and I can't feel the baby, so I sometimes wonder if the baby is actually there. I like going to the doctor and hearing the heartbeat and seeing it move around on the ultrasound. I was sad that Richie wasn't there with me, but I texted him all during the appointment and let him know what was going on.

I wasn't sure how far along I was, because my cycle is a bit irregular. Based on the calendar, I am about 13 weeks along, but when the doctor examined me, he thought I look like I am more like 17 or 18 weeks along, or like I might be having twins. He wanted to get an ultrasound to confirm the due date and see how many babies there are. The ultrasound shows that there is only one baby and I am 14 weeks along. I guess I should stop eating all those treats.

This pregnancy took me a little by surprise and it took me a little while to accept it, but now I am really excited about it. I know it will be a challenge, but it will also be a great blessing. My mom has been helping so much with the kids and letting me rest a lot, which has been fantastic. Hopefully by the time the baby comes, our family will all be back together.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Yesterday was quite an eventful day. Before church the kids were left alone just long enough for Richie to get ahold of scissors and Sophia's hair (it is not pretty and I am not happy!), Sophia to get ahold of a black permanent marker and matches to get spread across the counter. I was in another room fixing the hem of Sophia's dress and Grandma and Grandpa were downstairs getting ready for church while all this was going on. I couldn't believe how much trouble these two got into with ten minutes to themselves. I heard Richie saying "Give me your head, Sophia." And then giggling and I couldn't figure out what he would be doing to her head. I don't have pictures, but he did quite a number to the top of her hair.

After church Grandma and Grandpa left for a quick trip up north to do some shopping. Everything was fine most of the day, I mean, it's not like I have never been alone with my own kids, but just before bed time, we had some major drama. I was talking with Richie (Dad) on the phone and the kids were playing and after a while I heard Sophia whining about something. When I went to investigate I found her head stuck between two posts. I tried to gently pull her out, I tried to knock the posts apart, I called Grandma Gail for advice, tried vaseline like she suggested, and eventually had to saw one of the posts apart to get her out.

In the middle of all this I took a moment to take some pictures, but that doesn't make me a bad mom, I promise! I was also hugging her and comforting her and working as hard as I could to get here out. She was so sad and upset and at one point while I was talking to my parents my dad said he could talk to her to see if she would calm down. She didn't exactly calm down but it was so cute and pathetic as she told him that her head was stuck. It was mostly crying and blubbering, but you could definitely make out the word "stuck" in there. Richie was very sweet, trying to help and comfort her the whole time saying "It's okay, Sophia. You'll be okay." And he held her head up for me while I sawed the post. It was quite the day for little Sophia's head. Today her head and ears are sore, and her hair is still slimy from the vaseline, but other than that she is great. Let's hope she learned her lesson!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year

A week ago I dropped Richie off at the airport and he flew back to New Jersey while the kids and I headed back to Blanding to stay with my parents for a little while. In the last few months we realized we just can't afford to live in New Jersey any more, so to save some money the kids and are hanging out with my family while Richie tries to get things wrapped up in Jersey so he can head out west and join us. We have an apartment lease that goes until May, and we are hoping to find someone to sub-let from us so we can all be together again soon. The kids and I are enjoying having grandma and grandpa take care of us and having lots of cousins to play with, but we really miss Dad! We don't know how long we will be apart, but hopefully it won't be too long. That is just a quick update on what we are up to, sorry I haven't been blogging much but I just haven't been in the mood. I should update about New Year's Eve and things, I do have pictures, but for now enjoy this picture of my cute kids.