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Dress Up

The hats from my youth have been rediscovered and are now being used for dress-up by my kids. Richie likes the cowby hat my sister gave me as a birthday present fifteen years ago and Sophia loves the hat I bought at Disneyland twenty years ago. They also love posing.

I know I have been a little quiet lately, and I am especially sorry for not posting more pictures for big Richie. February has come and gone so quickly. I spent a little over a week in New Jersey with my husband and the kids spent that time with their grandparents in Idaho. We all had a great time; it was the first time since before the kids were born that we had time alone together and the kids had a blast with the Calls. To celebrate our "second honeymoon" we mostly stayed in, especially when we got snowed-in, and it was actually really nice to just be together. Richie and Sophia went to rehearsals for their grandpa's latest show and Sophia caught the acting bug when they let her be in a couple crowd…

King of the mountain

This is the view from our front door. This pile of snow is taller than me! Careful!
Grandpa helping Sophia.
My parents live in the desert of Southern Utah, really, they do. But it feels more like Logan to me this winter with all the snow we have gotten. The kids love it, though, even when they come in with frozen fingers and toes.

Sophia the Covergirl

This morning Grandma left her makeup unattended just long enough for Sophia to discover it. She LOVES playing with makeup, basically she loves to do anything that she sees mommy or grandma do. She was very proud of the makeup job she did on herself and was thrilled to strike a pose (or two, or three).