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Easter in Burley

We are so happy to be close enough to family to be able to make quick weekend visits. This weekend we went to Burley, Idaho for Easter and general conference, and we had a fun, busy couple days. The kids were very excited about visiting Grandma and Grandpa and all their aunts, uncles and cousin, and they were especially looking forward to the Easter bunny's arrival. I think Richie was expecting Easter to be little more like Christmas, so the day started out a little rough for him, but the fun egg hunt and spending time with the family made up for it, and I think he ended up having a great day. It was wonderful to spend the holiday with family.

Here are Richie and Sophia's Easter outfits, dressed and ready for the hunt!

Painting eggs on Saturday.

The artist at work.

Filling the eggs with confetti.

Sunday morning Richie helped Grandma decorate a bunny cake.

Of course, Sophia wanted in on the action, too.

On Sunday afternoon we hunted for eggs and then cracked them on each others he…