Thursday, May 13, 2010

Waiting (not so patiently) for spring

I know it has been a long time since I posted anything, but we don't have internet at home, so I don't get a lot of opportunities to get online and just do fun stuff. My kids are spending time with their grandparents in Burley right now, so I don't feel so badly about bringing the lap-top to Hastings and looking at facebook and blogs. It was really hard to not have internet at first, but it turns out, I don't actually need to know what my friend from college is having for lunch or that someone is tired and sad; life goes on without constantly checking facebook! I have missed being able work on my blog, though, so here is a long overdue update.

On April 1st, it snowed. How is that for an April Fool's joke? There were a couple warm days, but it has pretty much stayed cold and rainy and snowy for the last two months. It snowed on May 1st, too. I felt so badly for the bride on temple hill wrapped in a blanket to keep warm between pictures that day. I know I am pregnant and should be thankful for cool weather as long as it lasts, but I AM SICK OF BEING COLD! I forgot that Logan usually skips spring-like weather and just goes from winter temperatures to boiling hot temperatures over night. Anyway, complaining aside, we are enjoying being back in Cache Valley and have done a few fun things lately.

In April, we went to Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center. We saw baby bears, took a little train ride, pet a bunch of baby animals and Richie and Sophia had their first pony rides.

There have been some nice days, and on one of them we went to First Dam and fed the ducks. There were more seagulls than ducks, but the kids still thought it was fun to throw bread into the water and watch the birds pick it up.

For Grandma Call's birthday she wanted to see her grandkids, so we got to help her celebrate. Sophia decided it was also her birthday, so Grandma let her share in her day.

Sophia decided to climb this dresser a few weeks ago.

Luckily this was the only major casualty.

The dresser actually fell on top of Sophia, but by some miracle, the drawers opened in a way that she was protected in a space under them, instead of smashed by them. It was VERY scary, and could have been so much worse but she didn't even have a bruise or a scratch to show for it. I learned how it is possible for mothers to lift cars off their children, but after my adrenaline wore off, I was pretty wiped-out from lifting the dresser off her.

Richie was actually very upset about his piggy bank; it was in a thousand peices and he was a little hysterical about it. I tried to tell him that a broken piggy bank is much better than a broken Sophia, but he couldn't quite grasp that concept. He was very happy when I was able to resurrect it for him.

Dad directed a children's show for Unicorn theatre this month. It was Androcles and the Lion and it turned out great. The audiences were much smaller than they should have been, but it was nice for him to have a fun project to work on.

Lyric starts next week, and Dad is really looking forward to that. He is going to be teaching the apprentices and acting in one show. It should be a fun summer.

So that is a little bit of what we have been up to. I hope it won't be another two months before I post again, but I won't promise anything.