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Waiting (not so patiently) for spring

I know it has been a long time since I posted anything, but we don't have internet at home, so I don't get a lot of opportunities to get online and just do fun stuff. My kids are spending time with their grandparents in Burley right now, so I don't feel so badly about bringing the lap-top to Hastings and looking at facebook and blogs. It was really hard to not have internet at first, but it turns out, I don't actually need to know what my friend from college is having for lunch or that someone is tired and sad; life goes on without constantly checking facebook! I have missed being able work on my blog, though, so here is a long overdue update.

On April 1st, it snowed. How is that for an April Fool's joke? There were a couple warm days, but it has pretty much stayed cold and rainy and snowy for the last two months. It snowed on May 1st, too. I felt so badly for the bride on temple hill wrapped in a blanket to keep warm between pictures that day. I know I am pregnant …