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Little Helper

The other day Richie decided he wanted to help me do the dishes after dinner, but he didn't decide that until I had already finished.  He still wanted to help me with something, so I gave him the sponge and told him to wipe off the table.  Not only did he wipe of the table top, he kept on working for 20 minutes and wiped down just about every surface on the table and the chairs!  He said he will do it every night after dinner.  So far it has just happened once, but it is a start.

Self Soothing

Grace is only two months old and she has already started sleeping through the night, and I think it is because of this...

My other kids were binkie babies, Grace tolerates the binkie, but seems to prefer her thumb and is getting pretty good at finding it all by herself. So instead of getting up to put a binkie back in, or nurse her back to sleep, she is just sucking away on her little thumb and giving me a full night of sleep. She is so good to me!

Phone pics

Dad has been away a lot this month rehearsing Hamlet in Salt Lake City, so I have texted him pictures of Grace every so often. This is the most recent and my favorite.

So Much To Say

I don't have internet at home so I am way behind on blogging. I wanted to put up some pictures of things that haved happenend recently that I haven't posted about.

After Lyric closed we wanted to go camping, but never got the chance. We did go up the canyon to roast hot dogs and marshmallows one Saturday night. This is actually the first family picture of all five of us. I had forgotten about it when I put up the picture from Grace's blessing.

We saw this moose and her calf as we were leaving the camp site.

Little Richie turned 5! He is really into dinosaurs right now and he wanted a dinosaur cake. Of course he didn't want your average, run-of-the-mill T Rex, he wanted a hadrosaur (duck billed dinosaur), so I designed and decorated this one for him. He thought it was pretty awesome.
He got lots of great dino gifts and was very excited about all of them.

He also started kindergarten at the same elementary school that his grandpa Call attended.

Sophia wished she started k…

Grace's Blessing

Today was Grace's blessing day. It was a nice day with lots of family and I have more pictures, but I just wanted to put a few up right now. I knitted this dress for her. This is the first picture of all five of us.