Thursday, December 22, 2011

December Activities

I knew I hadn't blogged for a while, but I didn't realize just how long until I saw on a friend's blog list that it has been 5 WEEKS!  I didn't give up on my blog, and I hope you haven't either.  I just haven't felt motivated lately, but I'm back now.

December is always full of things to do.  We had a ward Christmas party where the kids participated in a live nativity.  Richie was a shepherd and Sophia was an Angel.  As soon as Richie saw me holding the camera, he started posing and smiling.  Sophia is in the white dress and pink boots.

Richie also sang in a school Christmas concert.  His class sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Jingle Bells.  It was super cute, but you can't see him in the pictures I took, because he was in the back row.

One day Richie came home from school and asked if we could make gingerbread cookies.  I had never done it before, but as far as I could tell, they were a success.  Sophia helped me mix the dough while Richie was at school and they both helped decorate cookies.

The older kids decorated the tree almost all by themselves.  It looked great, until Grace discovered it the next morning and started grabbing ornaments and running.
Now the tree looks like this. None of the ornaments are where she can reach them anymore, and I don't spend my day chasing Grace down to recover decorations.
We visited Burley last weekend and luckily for us, Santa was visiting, too!

Friday, November 11, 2011

We finally joined the mini van club and we LOVE IT!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Only treats this Halloween

We had an awesome Halloween!
It was a beautiful day here in Logan, perfect for trick-or-treating.  After Richie got home from school we got costumes on and walked downtown to the treat walk at the businesses.  Richie was pretty timid and nervous about talking to people he didn't know, but Sophia was not shy at all and loved the whole thing.  We had dinner and then went out again.  We walked up the road to Great Grandpa's house and then back to our house.  The weather was so nice and we just took our time going from house to house and the kids had a great experience.  They also got a lot of candy, which Sophia would have already eaten if I hadn't put her bucket up high.  It was a pretty stress free day.  The kids costumes were things we already own and didn't require anything special to get on, but they were happy with them.  I never used to like Halloween very much, but having kids makes it a fun, family day.

Sophia was my sassy little ballerina.  I don't know where all her posing comes from, but I enjoy it!  Thanks for the little dress Stella and Eryka!

Grace was a tired little elephant before we even left the house, but she was such a trooper and never complained while we were out (probably because of the lollipop she was eating most of the way).  We got this costume from Mandy Maldonado in New Jersey, Sophia wore it when she was about Grace's age, and I am glad we got to use it again.

Richie was G.I. Joe, a defender of our country.  He has been a little obsessed with camo lately, so he was thrilled to get to wear it all over for Halloween.

It is nice to live in a community where we can walk up the street and trick-or-treat.  The kids buckets were full to the brim with candy, but they were extra excited about the play dough they got at one house.  It was a happy Halloween for all of us!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


It has been a little while, and I have some catching up to do.   I had a birthday on September 28th and got this sparkly pink sapphire ring, lots of hugs and kisses from my family, and a surprise visit from my mom.  It was a great birthday. 
We celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary on October 12th. 
Sophia had her fourth birthday last week.  We have a birthday a month starting in July and she has been very excited for her day to arrive.  I didn't think she was going to go to sleep the night before because she was giddy with anticipation.  She slept-in the morning of her birthday and when she came out of her room she rubbed her eyes and asked why we were all awake.  It was still dark so she didn't think it was morning yet.  We told her we had been waiting for her because it was her birthday and the giddy excitement returned.  She was so happy all day long and it really was her special day.  

She opened some presents in the morning.
She opened some more presents in the afternoon.

We had her requested dinner of macaroni and cheese (not Kraft, the kind I make from scratch) and Sprite.  I also made pizza to go along with her choice.
She wanted purple cake with pink frosting, so I made cupcakes.  She liked the cupcakes, but has already asked that next year I make a BIG cake for her birthday.  She wanted to invite guests to have cake and ice cream so we had a couple of her friends and their families come over.
Grace enjoyed Sophia's birthday, especially the cupcakes.  She kept stealing cupcakes that party guests left lying around and would come in with a mischievous smile after eating them.
It was "crazy hair" day at school that day, and Richie wanted a mohawk.  It took A LOT of gel, but I got it to stay and it lasted all day long.  He thought it was pretty awesome.
So that is what we have been up to this month.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I am not sure where she is going, but she has her pajamas and her bag, so I guess it will be over night.

Monday, September 12, 2011


We wanted to go camping all summer, but Dad's busy schedule didn't allow for it.  We did try to go the first week of August with the Calls, but it was the first time in a month that it rained.  We had our tents and everything set up and had already had one meal when the thunderstorm rolled in.  We waited for a little while hoping it would pass, but it didn't let up and ended up lasting all night and the next day.  We were all very disappointed, but you can't control the weather.

Last Friday we were finally able to go up the canyon.  We wanted to go before the weather is too cold for camping, so even though we could only go for one night and had to come right back into town first thing in the morning, we took the chance.  The kids were super excited, but nervous about it raining again.  Little R was saying a prayer before we headed out and he asked that "Mom and the weather man would be right that it isn't going to rain."  It was pretty cute, but he was completely serious.  

Luckily we had great weather and it was a super fun family camp out!  We set up our site while the kids played and then we built a fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.  After eating we were cleaning up and I spotted a moose crossing a bridge right next to our camp site.  It looked like a young moose, but it was still pretty big and I got a little nervous.  Dad pointed it out to the kids, but they didn't want to tear themselves away from playing, so they didn't pay much attention.  After a little while we saw a second moose, and then suddenly the first moose got spooked and came jogging into our camp site.  We are such city slickers that we freaked out a little and grabbed the kids and got in the car.  It had been boxed in by a couple cars on the road and our area was one of its escape routes.  It went the other direction when it saw us, but we were still super nervous about it.  Don't judge, we didn't want to get trampled or anything, it was big!  Anyway, we waited in the car for several minutes until we felt like it had made its way far enough away from us.  We didn't get any pictures of it because we were too busy saving the lives of our children.

The moose sighting was the most exciting part of the trip.  After that it started getting dark so we got in the tent and got ready for bed.  It took a while to get the kids calmed down enough to sleep, but finally all three kids were asleep.  It took me a couple hours to fall asleep, but it was so cool lying there listening to all my kids breath/snore as they slept.  I was so happy to be camping with them.  I never slept very deeply, and neither did Dad; we both woke up at the slightest sound, I think we were both a little nervous about moose coming back.  

As it started to get light outside the older kids woke up and Sophia sat up and exclaimed, "Good mowning evewyone!"  Grace's eyes popped open and she started clapping, she always wakes up cheerful, but she loved being in the tent with everyone.  After we woke up we packed up and headed back into town.  As I was rolling up sleeping bags and folding blankets Richie said to me, "Remember when Dad said that mooses are cool, and then we hid in the car because he was scared of one?"  I guess he got a kick out of that. 

 It was a fun, but short camping trip.  Maybe next summer we can go for more than one night.
The kids love to play by the river building sand castles.  Notice Sophia's bare feet?  I call her my little hobbit because she prefers to be bare foot and she is always eating.
 Richie played on this rock the first time he went camping with the Calls a few summers ago.
  Sophia wanted to wash her hands in the river before she ate her marshmallow.
 This is one of the many, many sticks Sophia found and declared "The perfect camping stick!"

 Grace loved it!

The kids made shadow puppets while Dad doused the fire.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Early Valentine

 Little R was working very hard on one of his art projects, and he did not want me to see what it was.  Later I heard Richie and Sophia down in our bedroom giggling about something.  That night when we went to bed this was hanging on the wall opposite our bed.  He said he wanted us to see it when we went to bed and when we wake up.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Richie's Birthday

Richie turned six on Sunday!

We had a wonderful day celebrating little Richie.  He opened gifts, had a nice day at church, ate his special birthday dinner of spaghetti and Sprite, and had cake and ice cream.

After taking this picture I said, "Your eyes were closed."  And he said, "I know, it's because I'm so happy!"
He was so happy with everything he got.  Thanks Grandma Gail for the colossal art set and the easel.  The art set is truly colossal and he has already had hours of enjoyment from it.  As you can see, Sophia is enjoying Richie's birthday presents, too.  Richie also got a camouflage shirt and pants and was super excited about that, because he believes camouflage makes you invisible.  He also got a Disney Cars racing toy, which he has been asking for for over a month, and he reminded me that he wanted it almost every day, including the night before his birthday.  Luckily he wasn't disappointed. 
He requested a blue cake (inside) with a blue T-Rex on it.  As he watched me decorate it on Saturday night, he started requesting a couple more dinos, but I wasn't up to that task, and at one point he said, "Awe, I wish I could decorate my own cake."  I can only imagine the visions he had in his head, my little artist. 

As his birthday ended I gave him one last, big birthday hug and said, "I am SO glad you came to join our family six years ago."  He looked at me with his sweet little smile and said, "And I'm so glad . . . I got that present!" pointing at the Cars toy.  I sure love this kid!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

First day of first grade!

Richie is a first grader!

His first day was Wednesday and he seemed to have a good day. School lunch was a new experience, and he didn't really like it, but he thought it was cool to sit across from his friend.  He played basketball during recess, but didn't make any baskets (he did the next day, though).  It took a couple days, but he told me on Friday that now he is glad that he is a first grader.

Lion in Winter

Richie saw his dad play Henry in The Lion in Winter when he was twelve and he decided that some day he would play Richard to his Dad's Henry. I have known Richie long enough to know that when he gets an idea in his head, it is going to happen. At the beginning of the summer he started talking about doing the show after Lyric closed, and he asked his Dad to be in it and his Grandpa to direct it. It was a big project to tackle, but he made it happen and it was pretty great.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Quick Trip

Last week my oldest niece left for a year long foreign exchange in Belgium and the day before she flew out I decided to drive down to Blanding so I could see her before she went. It was a last minute decision and big Richie was too busy mounting a production of The Lion in Winter (which opened last night and he is great in, by-the-way) to come with us, so I made the drive with the three kids all by myself.  I was a little nervous about that, but the kids were awesome and the trip wasn't bad, at all.  I was so glad I got to see my niece, and then we had a few days to visit with Grandma and Grandpa.  This was our last chance to make the trip before little R starts school next week.

At Grandma and Grandpa's house the kids played with kitties, and played in the dirt, and sometimes did both at the same time.
Richie asked me to take both of these.  He is such a boy!
Grace started walking!
And Sophia rescued this bird from a cat.