Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Grace

Grace is growing fast.  She sits up, clicks her tongue, rolls her tongue, rolls over, she just cut her first tooth and she is probably going to start crawling soon.  She loves her brother and sister and they adore her.  We all love to make her laugh because she has such a cute little giggle.  What a wonderful eight months we have had since she joined our family.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Sophia has been phasing out her naps over the last few months. I still want her to nap most days, but some days she just doesn't feel like it. She was actually taking really long naps and it was making bedtime a bit of a struggle because she wasn't tired enough to go to sleep, so I was letting her skip naps every few days.  After a couple days without her afternoon nap I found her one evening like this . . .
. . . and another evening like this.
I love that she was in the middle of eating cookie when she fell asleep this time.  Can you see the cookie sitting on her tummy?

A few weeks ago she put herself to bed an hour before her bed time.  She came out with her binkie and I told her she could only have it when she was sleeping, and the next thing we knew she had tucked herself in and was fast asleep in her bed.  She had never put herself to bed like that, she was tired from not having had a nap the past couple days, but she also needed her binkie fix.

Sophia has been officially binkie free for a whole week now!  We have wanted to get rid of them for several months, but she was seriously addicted, so we were taking it slowly.  First we only let her have them for naps and bedtime, then we weened her from five binkies down to one.  She had to have one in her mouth, one in each hand and then back-ups in case she lost them in the night, but she still sometimes woke us up in the middle of the night because she couldn't find them.  She was really attached and I wasn't sure we were ever going to get her binkie free.  Even though we established the "only when sleeping" rule, she often tried to get away with sucking on one at other times, especially if she was upset.  More than once she snuck into her room to secretly suck on one and then would have a meltdown when I took it away.

I thought it was going to be extremely difficult for her to get rid of the binkies and I just didn't know how to go about it and then last week an opportunity presented itself.  An hour before bedtime she came out of the room with her binkie and said she was ready for bed.  I told her it wasn't time yet and she couldn't have the binkie, and she said she would just hold it.  Several times she tried to hide from me while sucking on the binkie really quickly, but I always caught her and made her take it out of her mouth.  We went through our bedtime routine, going potty, brushing teeth, washing up, putting on p.j.s, and then as we started reading books (the point in the night where she is allowed to have the binkie), Sophia realized that she didn't know where the binkie was.  I looked for it, but decided that instead of going crazy to find it, I would use this to break the habit.  She hadn't napped that day, so I knew she would be tired enough to go to sleep without, but it was still going to be a struggle.

Poor Sophia was heart-broken!  She sobbed and sobbed for her binkie and I explained to her that it was lost.  It helped that there wasn't really a bad guy in the situation; Mom and Dad hadn't taken it or made her throw it away, it was just gone.  She was so sad and cried and cried, "Biiiiinkeeeee!  Biiiiinkeeeee!"  I had to sit in the room with her until she fell asleep, but that didn't take as long as I was afraid it might.  The next day she said to me, "I'n glad I'n not sleeping with a binkie anymowuh."

She was proud of herself for being such a big girl, but she got sad again at bedtime.  It wasn't a problem until right before she got into bed.  We had just finished reading books and she said, "I'n not feeling happy."  When I asked why she started to wimper a little and said, "Because I don't have my binkie!"  And she started crying again.

It was hard to watch her mourning the loss, but that night it was not as hard for her to go to sleep without it and it has just gotten easier and easier every day.  Of course, now she is not napping at all, but I am trying to give her quiet time instead, and it is a trade I am willing to make to get rid of those binkies.  Our house is a binkie-free zone and I love it!
Maybe we need to be a marker-free zone too.  Hey, nobody's perfect, right?