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Baby Grace

Grace is growing fast.  She sits up, clicks her tongue, rolls her tongue, rolls over, she just cut her first tooth and she is probably going to start crawling soon.  She loves her brother and sister and they adore her.  We all love to make her laugh because she has such a cute little giggle.  What a wonderful eight months we have had since she joined our family.

Sleeping Beauty

Sophia has been phasing out her naps over the last few months. I still want her to nap most days, but some days she just doesn't feel like it. She was actually taking really long naps and it was making bedtime a bit of a struggle because she wasn't tired enough to go to sleep, so I was letting her skip naps every few days.  After a couple days without her afternoon nap I found her one evening like this . . .
. . . and another evening like this. I love that she was in the middle of eating cookie when she fell asleep this time.  Can you see the cookie sitting on her tummy?

A few weeks ago she put herself to bed an hour before her bed time.  She came out with her binkie and I told her she could only have it when she was sleeping, and the next thing we knew she had tucked herself in and was fast asleep in her bed.  She had never put herself to bed like that, she was tired from not having had a nap the past couple days, but she also needed her binkie fix.

Sophia has been officially…