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Spring Break in Blanding

I got a little behind in my blogging and never posted about our spring break trip.  Little Richie's spring break was April 4th through the 8th, so I decided to take the kids to Blanding for a visit.  Dad's spring break was in March and he had to work, so he didn't get to come with us.  Luckily I didn't have to drive all the way by myself because Grandpa Worthy met us in Salt Lake and drove us down.  I had planned to go all the way alone, but I was really grateful that Grandpa came to help.  It would have been quite a challenge without him.

We stopped at the dinosaur museum in Price and Richie worked very hard to excavate what he was convinced was a T-Rex fossil.  I think it was probably a raptor, but I didn't argue.  He was "scientifically uncovering the bones" and I did not want to upset the scientist.

Richie wanted to look like he was racing the Raptor in the background.
Richie and Sophia were thrilled that there were three kittens living at Grandma and …

Easter Photo Extravaganza!

Happy Easter!  We stayed home for Easter this year and had a lovely weekend.  Saturday we colored eggs, which the kids could have done all day if I had let them.  I only let them do sixteen eggs, but they would had kept on going if I had boiled more.

This morning I heard the kids get up and a few minutes later they came running down the stairs.  They came in and exclaimed, "The Easter Bunny did come!  And he brought us stuff we really wanted!"  They were both so excited about their gifts, but poor Richie's color explosion, glow-in-the-dark marker set was missing the one marker that makes them glow, but he was a good sport and didn't pout at all.  When Sophia saw her Easter dress she said, "Wow! It's a wedding dress!"  She was still very happy with it when I told her it was not a wedding dress, but an Easter dress. I got the kids to pose for some pictures before church.
Sophia strikes a "stylish pose" every time a camera comes out.
I made the littl…

Soccer Star!

A few weeks ago Richie finally started soccer practice. He has been very anxious to play since we signed him up a couple months ago, especially after we got his uniform and all his gear just before his first practice. He wanted to wear his uniform to practice, but I told him we save that for the games. When we drove up to the field, half the other kids on his team were wearing their uniforms and he gave me the worst look and said, "See!" I told him he could wear his uniform to his next practice. Richie really enjoys practice, but sometimes gets super frustrated when other kids get the ball away from him because he thinks he is supposed to get it into the goal every time the ball is in play. He gets really intense, but hopefully the more he plays, the less that will happen because he will start to understand how it works.

He was supposed to have two games last week, but they were cancelled because the fields weren't ready because we have had so much snow lately. …

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