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Mmmm, peas!

Grace LOVES feeding herself!

Number 300

"Mom, do I look fancy?"

Rock On!

When I picked Richie up from school I asked him why his dad let him go to school with his hair looking like this and he said, "Don't worry, Mom.  It's okay, cuz I'm a rock star."


Richie has finally played his first soccer games. The first game didn't go so well; his team didn't win and Richie didn't have any fun. He gets super upset when he doesn't make any goals, even in practice, and he just gets more an more intense as the game goes on. For his second game he decided that he would have fun because he wanted to earn one of the cookies we brought for the team treat. Each time he came off the field he said, "I am having fun!  That means I am going to get a cookie!"  He had so much fun, and it was fun to watch.  To top it all off, his team won!

 Go Butterflies! (That isn't actually his team's name, but one of the little girls on his team wanted it to be.)

This was his celebration dance after a goal by his team.