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Tee Ball

As soon as soccer was over, Dad decided Richie needed another sport to do this summer. We found out about tee ball in just enough time to get him registered and he had his first game on June 8th. He was supposed to start on June 6th, but the game was cancelled for rain. His next two were called early because of rain, too, but he finally got to play a few games in good weather.

It was a good way to get him introduced to baseball because it was so noncompetitive.  Every kid got a chance to hit and they didn't really have to know how to throw or catch yet. He had some really good hits, and in different games he got to play 1st base, 3rd base and catcher.  Richie really enjoyed it, but it wasn't quite as fun to watch for me as soccer, but I don't really like watching real baseball, either.  Now he is more interested in playing catch and asked me to play with him last night.  That is nice, because he has already started saying he is bored and there is nothing fun to do excep…

Swim Like a Fish, Swim Like a Fish

The week after we got back from Burley the kids started swimming lessons.  The weather has not been ideal every day, one day was canceled because it was too cold and another day Grace and I sat in the pouring rain while the kids swam.  The weather will eventually get unbearably hot and we plan on spending a lot of time at the pool.

Richie is becoming quite the little swimmer.  He goes under water for a long time and is learning how to move around really well.  He loves being in the water.

Sophia is not as brave.  Today she finally put her whole head under water and says she "nevuh wants to do that again."  She loves to be in the water, too, she just doesn't really swim.

Little mermaid moment.


In May little Richie finished kindergarten. On his last day of class they did a presentation for parents and we got to see Richie assist his teacher and read a poem. He learned so much this year,  he reads and writes and he says he loves writing so much that he wants to be a writer when he grows up.

After Richie finished school we had two weeks before Dad started working at Lyric so we took a trip to Blanding and had a great visit with almost all the cousins on the Glover side.  It was great to see all the cousins, especially the ones that will live in Brazil soon.
The next week we went to Burley.  It was a great visit, but Richie and Sophia caught a virus that we were afraid was strep throat.  We still had a good time and are so glad to be living near family.

Winnie the Pooh

Richie II assistant directed it for Unicorn Children's Theatre,  I designed and painted it,  and the kids played on it.