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Missing the Kids

On Tuesday the two older kids went to Idaho to spend a few days with their Grandma. They have wanted to have this visit for weeks, so as soon as Dad told them Grandma was coming to get them, they ran to their rooms, got their backpacks, and started packing.  I let them pack their own bags and just double-checked to make sure they had everything they would need.  Grandma wasn't coming until the afternoon, but Sophia put her backpack on and waited impatiently all morning.  They were SO excited.

When we told the kids that we were going to miss them, Sophia said she wouldn't miss us, but Richie came up with a great idea about what we could do if we were missing him.  He said we should take a picture with him, and them we could look at it when we wanted to see him.  Sometimes he is the sweetest little man.

They are having a great visit.  Last night Richie called me from McDonalds to tell me that he got a new light saber in his happy meal!  Sophia got one, too, and they both sounded …

Grace's Birthday

On Monday morning Sophia and Richie came out of their bedroom and Sophia exclaimed, "It's Gwace's boowt day!" They have been very excited about her birthday for a couple weeks, and were obviously very anxious for it to arrive, so on her actual birthday they were happy to help her open the presents they picked out for her.  Richie picked a little purple cheetah, I think cheetahs might be his favorite animal at the moment, and Sophia got her a stuffed mermaid doll.
Later in the day we went swimming.
Richie and Sophia both had Carvel ice cream cakes for their first birthdays and I was a little sad that I wasn't going to be able to carry on the tradition.  Then I discovered that Walmart has Carvel cakes and I was so happy.  It wasn't as fresh as the ones we had in Jersey, but it was okay, and I was happy to not have to make a cake.
Grace approved of her cake, too.
After cake, the kids helped Grace open more presents.
Grace just wanted the mallet to come off the xylop…

A Year of Grace


Where were you one year ago today?

This is where we were.   One year ago Grace joined our family.
We can't imagine life without her! Happy Birthday Baby Grace!

Pink Rider

Sophia left her tricycle behind one of the cars recently and Dad accidentally ran over it. Her little heart was broken when she found out; she LOVED riding around on her trike!  Richie recently moved up to a bigger bike and he was really sweet to Sophia, telling her she could have his old bike.  We adjusted the bike to fit her, got new training wheels (because Richie wore out the originals) and got her a new bike helmet that came with a bell.  She is so happy to have a big girl bike.  Maybe I will get around to spray painting it pink and purple one of these days.

Bed Time

After my Grandmother passed away a few years ago, my Grandpa gave me her serger and sewing machine. I was so excited to have them, but it took me a while to finally use them. My Mom made a little fairy quilt for Sophia's bed and gave me the extra fabric when it was done. I used the serger to make a bed skirt, pillows and a ruffle for the quilt. It turned out fantastic and Sophia is thrilled with her fairy bed.

As soon as Sophia's bed was finished, Richie was feeling pretty jealous of her new stuff, so he asked Grandma Gail if she would make him a Batman blanket and pillows. Grandma got the fabric and then I put it all together and Richie is a happy little man, too.
The new-to-me sewing machines made these projects quick and easy and I am so glad they were left to me, and that I finally got the opportunity to use them. After the bedspreads were complete my husband asked why I don't do this for us more often. If only I had the time and the money.

Freedom Fire

The fireworks in Logan take place a few days before the fourth because the company that does the show does another show on the fourth.  Our stadium show is called "Freedom Fire" and this year we got to go into the stadium to see it because a friend gave us complimentary tickets.  We usually watch it from somewhere outside the stadium so it was really nice to have tickets.

The main performers were Diamond Rio and they were fantastic, if maybe too loud.  Sophia fell asleep halfway through the concert, even though it was so loud, but she woke up in time for the fireworks.  Dad was in Salt Lake for rehearsal, but luckily our friend Annie was able to come with us.  It was a great show.  At one point in the evening Richie was eating a snow cone and enjoying the concert and he said, "Mom, I'm so glad we got to stay up late."

This was Grace's first fireworks, and I was unsure how she would do, but she loved them!  She kept turning around and looking at me with suc…