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Richie's Birthday

Richie turned six on Sunday!

We had a wonderful day celebrating little Richie.  He opened gifts, had a nice day at church, ate his special birthday dinner of spaghetti and Sprite, and had cake and ice cream.

After taking this picture I said, "Your eyes were closed."  And he said, "I know, it's because I'm so happy!" He was so happy with everything he got.  Thanks Grandma Gail for the colossal art set and the easel.  The art set is truly colossal and he has already had hours of enjoyment from it.  As you can see, Sophia is enjoying Richie's birthday presents, too.  Richie also got a camouflage shirt and pants and was super excited about that, because he believes camouflage makes you invisible.  He also got a Disney Cars racing toy, which he has been asking for for over a month, and he reminded me that he wanted it almost every day, including the night before his birthday.  Luckily he wasn't disappointed.  He requested a blue cake (inside) with a blu…

First day of first grade!

Richie is a first grader!

His first day was Wednesday and he seemed to have a good day. School lunch was a new experience, and he didn't really like it, but he thought it was cool to sit across from his friend.  He played basketball during recess, but didn't make any baskets (he did the next day, though).  It took a couple days, but he told me on Friday that now he is glad that he is a first grader.

Lion in Winter

Richie saw his dad play Henry in The Lion in Winter when he was twelve and he decided that some day he would play Richard to his Dad's Henry. I have known Richie long enough to know that when he gets an idea in his head, it is going to happen. At the beginning of the summer he started talking about doing the show after Lyric closed, and he asked his Dad to be in it and his Grandpa to direct it. It was a big project to tackle, but he made it happen and it was pretty great.

A Quick Trip

Last week my oldest niece left for a year long foreign exchange in Belgium and the day before she flew out I decided to drive down to Blanding so I could see her before she went. It was a last minute decision and big Richie was too busy mounting a production of The Lion in Winter (which opened last night and he is great in, by-the-way) to come with us, so I made the drive with the three kids all by myself.  I was a little nervous about that, but the kids were awesome and the trip wasn't bad, at all.  I was so glad I got to see my niece, and then we had a few days to visit with Grandma and Grandpa.  This was our last chance to make the trip before little R starts school next week.

At Grandma and Grandpa's house the kids played with kitties, and played in the dirt, and sometimes did both at the same time. Richie asked me to take both of these.  He is such a boy! Grace started walking! And Sophia rescued this bird from a cat.


When we finally gave Richie his summer buzz cut, he said he wanted it cut "like a triangle."  I finally figured out that he meant in a mohawk, so Dad tried his best to give him  one but his hair is so thick and straight and it seems to have a mind of its own, so it didn't really work.  We were not planning on him keeping a mohawk even if it did work, so I took a couple pictures of the attempt and then Dad finished the hair cut.
I put Sophia's hair in hot rollers before church a couple weeks ago.  She thought it was quite an adventure.  Little Richie thought she looked like a different person after they came out.  The curls didn't last long, she has hair like her mom, but it was sure cute while they did.