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We wanted to go camping all summer, but Dad's busy schedule didn't allow for it.  We did try to go the first week of August with the Calls, but it was the first time in a month that it rained.  We had our tents and everything set up and had already had one meal when the thunderstorm rolled in.  We waited for a little while hoping it would pass, but it didn't let up and ended up lasting all night and the next day.  We were all very disappointed, but you can't control the weather.
Last Friday we were finally able to go up the canyon.  We wanted to go before the weather is too cold for camping, so even though we could only go for one night and had to come right back into town first thing in the morning, we took the chance.  The kids were super excited, but nervous about it raining again.  Little R was saying a prayer before we headed out and he asked that "Mom and the weather man would be right that it isn't going to rain."  It was pretty cute, but he was c…

Early Valentine

Little R was working very hard on one of his art projects, and he did not want me to see what it was.  Later I heard Richie and Sophia down in our bedroom giggling about something.  That night when we went to bed this was hanging on the wall opposite our bed.  He said he wanted us to see it when we went to bed and when we wake up.