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It has been a little while, and I have some catching up to do.   I had a birthday on September 28th and got this sparkly pink sapphire ring, lots of hugs and kisses from my family, and a surprise visit from my mom.  It was a great birthday.  We celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary on October 12th.  Sophia had her fourth birthday last week.  We have a birthday a month starting in July and she has been very excited for her day to arrive.  I didn't think she was going to go to sleep the night before because she was giddy with anticipation.  She slept-in the morning of her birthday and when she came out of her room she rubbed her eyes and asked why we were all awake.  It was still dark so she didn't think it was morning yet.  We told her we had been waiting for her because it was her birthday and the giddy excitement returned.  She was so happy all day long and it really was her special day.  
She opened some presents in the morning. She opened some more presents in the aftern…
I am not sure where she is going, but she has her pajamas and her bag, so I guess it will be over night.