Friday, November 11, 2011

We finally joined the mini van club and we LOVE IT!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Only treats this Halloween

We had an awesome Halloween!
It was a beautiful day here in Logan, perfect for trick-or-treating.  After Richie got home from school we got costumes on and walked downtown to the treat walk at the businesses.  Richie was pretty timid and nervous about talking to people he didn't know, but Sophia was not shy at all and loved the whole thing.  We had dinner and then went out again.  We walked up the road to Great Grandpa's house and then back to our house.  The weather was so nice and we just took our time going from house to house and the kids had a great experience.  They also got a lot of candy, which Sophia would have already eaten if I hadn't put her bucket up high.  It was a pretty stress free day.  The kids costumes were things we already own and didn't require anything special to get on, but they were happy with them.  I never used to like Halloween very much, but having kids makes it a fun, family day.

Sophia was my sassy little ballerina.  I don't know where all her posing comes from, but I enjoy it!  Thanks for the little dress Stella and Eryka!

Grace was a tired little elephant before we even left the house, but she was such a trooper and never complained while we were out (probably because of the lollipop she was eating most of the way).  We got this costume from Mandy Maldonado in New Jersey, Sophia wore it when she was about Grace's age, and I am glad we got to use it again.

Richie was G.I. Joe, a defender of our country.  He has been a little obsessed with camo lately, so he was thrilled to get to wear it all over for Halloween.

It is nice to live in a community where we can walk up the street and trick-or-treat.  The kids buckets were full to the brim with candy, but they were extra excited about the play dough they got at one house.  It was a happy Halloween for all of us!