Friday, March 30, 2012

Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice

I was hoping to even up the score, but the boys will be even more outnumbered come August.  That's right, Call baby number four is a GIRL!  Most of us are excited, but little Richie seemed a little disappointed.  He has really been hoping for a little brother, but he loves his baby sisters and I am sure this one will not be an exception.  I told him that maybe we could get a boy dog for him instead and name it Dragon because that was one of his baby name suggestions if we had a boy.  He said, "We're not getting a dog."

And I said, "Maybe we will, some day."

Then he responded, (very sarcastically) "Yeah, right. When?  Like when I'm 31?"

Maybe I shouldn't have even mentioned the dog idea, that is a lot of disappointment to deal with in one day.

I have entered the "high risk" category for this pregnancy because of my age, so I have been pretty anxious about the development and health of the baby and was relieved when the ultrasound technician said everything looks really good.  I don't know all the technical stuff they look for, but everything looked perfect, as far as I could tell.

Here is a 4-D view of her face and arm.

A good shot of the little foot.  Look at those adorable toes!

Here is a shot of her legs.  She has her ankles crossed.

After the ultrasound we were waiting to meet with my doctor and Richie said, "I was thinking, 'Well, that means one less mission to save for.'  And then I realized that it's another wedding to save for!"  If all the girls are anything like Sophia (who told me today that she wants to be a princess when she grows up), those will be some spectacular weddings!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snow Angels

Winter has finally made an appearance in Logan. It is only a few months late, but I'm actually not complaining about the lack of snow up until this point.  Some people this winter have been upset that it hasn't snowed much, but I have not.  I think new snow is pretty to look at, but I don't like driving in it, and without all the snow on the ground the inversion wasn't so bad.  The kids, on the other hand, have felt like they were missing out because they haven't been able to play in the snow and make snowmen or go sledding.  So, the other day when we had a pretty good snowfall, the kids got all bundled up and went out to play.

This was Grace's first experience playing in the snow.  Her mittens got soaked and then came off and then she came back inside, but she had fun while it lasted.  I did not get any outside shots, because that would have required  me getting all bundled up, and I did not feel like going through all that work.  I also didn't get any pictures of Richie because he was already outside playing by the time the camera came out.

The snow has already mostly melted and I am looking forward to spring!  It is Logan, though, so I am sure we will have a few more snow storms before summer.