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Spring Sports

The weather has been beautiful recently and we are glad to get out and enjoy it.  Richie started soccer this week. He has played two games and his team lost the first game but won the second.  Richie is doing great this year!  He has a much better attitude and he is playing really well, he is especially good defensively.  It makes a big difference that he played last year.  He is wearing the number 1.

The elementary school had their annual fun run on Friday.  We were so proud of him!  Dad got to run with him and Richie paced himself through the whole race and came in 9th in his class.

Happy Easter!

I took lots and lots of pictures this Easter and I just couldn't narrow it down because I like so many of them, so get ready for a lot of collages.

Last week was the kid's spring break and we went down to Blanding for a visit.  I spent most of the week sewing the girl's Easter dresses so I didn't get the camera out until the last day we were there and the kids dyed some eggs.  The Barton girls joined in the egg dying fun!

Grace watched the older kids color their eggs and then we let her try one at the end.  She thought it was snack time and took a big swallow of vinegar/dye solution, and tried to take a bite out of the egg shell. Then she got really upset when the egg was taken out of the dye because she thought we were taking it away from her.

We went to church in Logan and then drove to Burley for a few hours for dinner and an egg hunt.  The girls dresses turned out so cute, I am really happy with them.  Like I said before, I took LOTS of pictures, I just couldn&#…

April Fools Day Birthday Party for Daddy

For some reason it is always really difficult for me to get a birthday cake made for Dad on his birthday. At some point in the first couple years of our marriage Richie decided that his birthday would last until I finally made his cake, so sometimes his birthday continues for a few days, or a couple weeks, and sometimes a month. This year I still hadn't made his birthday cake at the end of March. I don't think I have ever gone that long before finally making his cake, although Richie claims I went a whole year once, but I don't think that is true.

The last week in March I was at the grocery store with Sophia and she said, "You know, it's still Dad's birthday.  We need to make him a cake."  Then she helped me pick out a cake and frosting for him.  I think she was just looking for an excuse to have cake and ice cream, but according to our tradition, she was right, it was still his birthday.

It was a busy week so we didn't actually make the cake until…