Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Grace!

 We had a great day celebrating Grace's birthday!  First thing in the morning she opened her new Dora chair, which she loves (and so does Sophia, of course).  Grace is not thrilled to share it, but hopefully it won't cause too much contention.

After the chair she opened some more presents,

then we blew bubbles,

and played with sidewalk chalk.

 Later, she tried to steal one of her cupcakes,

 and posed for some pictures in her new birthday outfit.
The recipe for these vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting comes from Magnolia Bakery in New York City and they were delicious, but not quite sweet enough for the kids' taste.
 While the kids had their ice cream Grace finished opening her presents.
After nap time we went swimming and then had McDonald's for dinner.  It was a good day.  Grace is definitely not a baby any more!  We finally turned her car seat around (the law is rear facing until age two in Utah) and as we were driving around she said, "This is fun!"

She is talking in sentences more and more and most of the time I can understand what she is saying.  She is getting more mischievous every day, she usually says "sorry mommy" right after she does something she shouldn't, and she is also very sweet and polite when she wants to be, saying "thank you mommy" many times a day.  She isn't really aware of the change coming with the new baby, but I think she will love having a baby in the house.  Grace brings so much joy into our family and we adore her!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Wednesday we had our annual trip to Lagoon.  The kids LOVE Lagoon and look forward to this all year long; when we pass the park in the middle of the winter Sophia asks if we can go and we have to remind her that it isn't open yet.  They love the rides and winning toys and Lagoon-a-Beach, and it is fun to see them having so much fun. 

 It was a great day at the park.  It wasn't very crowded and there were hardly any lines to speak of.  The family went on Rattlesnake Rapids over and over because as soon as they got off, they could get right back on.  In past years the line was so long it took over an hour to get on it.  Sophia and Richie don't like the tunnel and waterfall, so they only went once and my belly didn't like the twisting and jostling, so I only went once, too.

The kids didn't have to wait in long lines for their rides either and rode the same ones over and over.  They even went on some rides that they had never tried before.  They are getting a little braver each year, but they are still a little cautious about some of the rides.  Grace went on her first rides this time, but after her second ride she didn't want to ride anything else and started saying she was sleepy.  She took a short nap late in the afternoon, but she never really wanted to get back on any rides.  She was such a good girl and so patient while everyone else went on rides.  She thought the stamp on her hand was pretty cool, and just enjoyed being there with everyone.

We went to Lagoon-a-Beach late in the day and after that we went on the train and let the kids go on a couple more rides and then we headed home.  Richie's favorite thing about Lagoon was the ride called the Moonraker and the bumper cars, Sophia's was "everything," and Grace's was the slides at Lagoon-a-Beach.  They had another great day at Lagoon!

Here are LOTS of pictures of our day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The waiting and the weight

I am 35 weeks along, at that point in the pregnancy where the end is so close, but still not close enough!  I have cleaned out most of the closets in the house, unpacked the baby clothes, gotten other baby stuff out of storage, and I have kind of run out of things to do (other than take care of my other three kids, of course).  I find myself just waiting.  I have not been working on any knitting projects or reading any good books, so I have felt really anxious waiting for the new baby.  I get the house tidy in the morning and try to stay on top of the kids mess during the day, but I feel like I sit around half the day.  I finally picked up a book I have tried to read a couple times and this time I am actually getting through it.  Physically I feel hot and tired and HEAVY.  I am not any bigger than I should be, but I feel huge.  Rolling over in bed feels like a monumental task and forget about bending over!  Basically, I am ready for the end! 

I had an ultrasound this week and when I asked my doctor why he couldn't seem to remember why he had scheduled it.  I asked if he was concerned about anything specific or if it was just because I am getting old.  He consulted his chart and said, "It must be because you are getting old.  Even though you look 25 you are actually 35, so we just need to keep an eye on things."

The baby was face down so this was the best shot they could get.  It is a good shot of her shoulder, arm and hand covering her face, though. 

Catch Up

It is actually Grace's birthday today, but I still have a little catching up to do before I get to that.

A couple weekends ago we had a yard sale.  We had a bunch of stuff in storage rooms to clear out and I really wanted to de-clutter as much as possible before the baby comes.  We also knew we needed a little extra cash to help us pay for our annual Lagoon trip.  The kids were excited about the whole yard sale thing and were even volunteering some of their things to contribute to the sale.  Richie was fascinated by the signs I made to advertise and made one of his own that we put outside the house that morning. We had a pretty good yard sale and it made it possible for us to go to Lagoon.

Lyric is up and running in full rep.  Richie is in "Big River" and "Lend Me a Tenor", and he directed "Greater Tuna".  All the shows are really good this summer, and "Big River" is selling out each performance.  We went to the openings of the other shows together and while I like sitting with my husband at the theatre, I love watching shows with Richie in them.  He is amazing, as always, in both his shows and I am very proud of him.

When I was at opening night of "Lend Me a Tenor" I got this text from the babysitter, "Love you mom.  We went for a walk. You are the best mom ever. We're having fun and goodbye.  Richie."

I texted back that I love him too and he sent another message that said, "Thanks for the letter. I love you. Love Richie."

He is such a sweet boy.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

4th of July in Blanding

I am a little behind but I needed to get our 4th of July post done before I have so many things to update that I just get overwhelmed and end up not doing any of it.

My brother and his family were visiting from Brazil the first week of July and we went down to see them, even though big Richie was too busy to come with us.  They lived in New York when we lived in New Jersey and we have really missed seeing them regularly.  The cousins had a great time playing and having a sleepover in Grandma's basement and I enjoyed spending time with the grownups.

The Barton girls came over a lot and one of the days all the girl cousins gave each other pedicures.  Sophia polished Olivia's toe nails and Stella polished Sophia's.  It was super cute.  At one point Sophia came in and very cautiously told me she accidentally spilled some polish on her shirt.  She was expecting me to get really upset, but I didn't and that surprised her.  I understood it was an accident and she chuckled and said, "Oh!  It's okay, though, because I think it's kind of pretty."  (It was hot pink polish.)

The cousins worked for hours on each others nails, and when they ran out of unpolished nails, Aunt Eryka let them do hers.  What a fun afternoon!

We watched the 4th of July parade in the same spot where my family always sat while I was growing up.  It has been over 10 years since I was in Blanding for the 4th and it was cool to share this with my kids.

(Ahhhh! Pregnancy face!)

It was a good old-fashioned small town parade!  We don't go to a lot of parades so it was a pretty new experience for the kids.  The Barton girls helped Sophia with the whole candy thing, but Richie just stayed with me and watched.

These are just pictures of Grace being cute, which she excels at!

We watched the fireworks at Barton's house.  It was a great way to end our week visiting family.

Richie spent a fun week playing with his cousin Isaac.  He also worked on making things from paper plates and cups.  He worked for hours on this little guy and was really disappointed we forgot to bring it home with us.  At least I got a picture.