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Josie is 3 months old

Today Josie is 3 months old!
Her latest accomplishments are smiling and giggling and sleeping for 6-8 hour stretches at night.  When she smiles really big she wrinkles up her nose and it is just about my favorite thing in the world, right now.  We all adore her and are sure happy to have her around!

October Fun

Now that November is almost half over, I am finally updating about all the things we did in October, and we did quite a bit.

We took a quick weekend trip to Burley and played in leaves, helped make a ghost out of cup cakes and did a lot of jumping on the trampoline.

Grace loves lady bugs--she has a lady bug pillow pet, two stuffed lady bugs, and a receiving blanket with lady bugs on it that she claimed before I could use it for Josie--so I thought she might like to meet this live lady bug we found in the yard.

 Sophia went on her first field trip with her preschool class the the pumpkin walk.  The class had their own display with pumpkins they had each decorated.  The theme of their display was "ants in your pants" so their pumpkins were little ants.

Sophia had been looking forward to her birthday ever since "birthday season" started in our house in July and on the morning of her birthday she exclaimed, "I can't believe I am finally five!"  She was t…