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Moving on

This story starts in July when we found out our landlords (the house is owned by a group of brothers and sisters) were thinking about selling the house we were renting.  At the time I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and the thought of moving made me want to cry.  At that point nothing was decided and I figured they would wait until the real estate market was in better shape.  Then in the next few weeks the house had a major plumbing problem, that probably cost them hundreds to fix, and then the refrigerator quit working and they had to replace that.  I was worried that we were suddenly giving them extra incentive to sell, but still hoped for the best.  Fast forward to three days before Josie was born and a real estate agent knocked on the door, gave me his card and said that the house was going on the market and the sign would go up in a week.  I couldn't believe the timing!  I was so ready to have the baby and the last thing I wanted to worry about was the house.  One of the apartment…