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Getting ready for Christmas!

We put up our Christmas tree the Monday after Thanksgiving. The kids always get so excited when the tree and ornaments get pulled out of storage, and they love decorating the tree.

We had our first snow storm to stick to the ground a couple weeks ago and Richie and Sophia couldn't wait to build a snow man, even though the temperature plummeted into the single digits as soon as the storm cleared out.

They built this cute little guy and finished him off with a cowboy hat Dad brought home from Texas and one of Sophia's scarves.

We  have always had these mismatched stockings, and they have been adequate, but now there are six of us in the family and we need one for Josie, too. Last year I tried to knit a stocking for her in time for Christmas, but I didn't get it done in time and now I have no idea where it is, I have looked all over and can't find it and Josie needs a stocking. Another problem with our stockings is that mine is from when I lived at home and is the only o…

Christmas Concert

Here are some pictures from Richie and Sophia's elementary school Christmas concert.  It was Sophia's first one and I was really looking forward to seeing her because she is such a performer, but she was really subdued. We found out afterward that the lightbulb crown on her head was hurting her ears and that was why she looked so unhappy.

Richie REALLY needed a hair cut and we finally took him to get one after we saw him up there looking so shaggy. Still handsome, but we can't see his eyes!

At the end all the grades come out and sing a couple songs together and by some stroke of luck Richie and Sophia were on the same side of the stage!


In November we finally got Richie his scout uniform.  He started going to scouts after his 8th birthday, and at first he was really nervous because he didn't know anyone yet, but now he really enjoys it.
Dad was in Texas on a recruiting trip on his birthday, so we celebrated it a few days late after he got home.  Each of the kids got him a gift and they all helped make the cake from scratch.

We went to Burley for Thanksgiving and that weekend we went to see some Christmas lights.  The kids really liked the lights and getting to feed the friendly camel named Bully.  It was a great way to start off the Christmas season


This year for Halloween Richie was Steve from Minecraft.  His costume was pretty easy, a t-shirt and jeans, then we made the pick axe to complete his look.
Sophia wanted to be Lela from the Disney movie "Teen Beach Movie" so I made her a dress and we did her hair and makeup '60's style.
 Grace was pirate Dora the Explorer.
Josie was a pumpkin for part of the day and an elephant to help me hand out candy while the older kids went out trick-or-treating with Dad.
We went to the ward carnival the weekend before Halloween and the kids had lots of fun.  Sophia was especially excited to get to wear her costume.

Halloween day we went down town to go trick-or-treating to the businesses on main street and we ran into "Flo".

We live in a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating, but it was so cold that the kids didn't stay out for long. They still got a lot of candy and had a fun day.

Sophia is 6!

Among all the other things that went on in October, Sophia had her sixth birthday.  Sophia has always been our fun, outgoing, sassy, girly princess, and she still is all that, but she is maturing into a very sweet, thoughtful girl as well.  She reminds us to kneel for our family prayers and she is our "garbage word" police, pointing out when we use words we are not supposed to. When she can tell that I am getting upset about something she will give me a kiss on the cheek and ask, "Is that better?" I am so proud of her and the example she sets for the rest of our family and of the beautiful little girl she is growing into.
She opened presents before church and got everything she wanted! Teen Beach Movie from Richie
A Barbie from Grace
A scooter!

And "Hot buns" for her hair.

I didn't even ask her thank the kids for their gifts with a hug.
Neither did Richie.
She picked out her cake from the store bakery, but I did the birthday message on it.

Make a wis…