Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Serenity Now

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I yell at my kids.  It never really solves anything and it just makes me feel horrible and the kids feel horrible and then it teaches them that it is okay to yell at me and each other.  So, I decided that I would stop yelling at the kids and I asked the kids to help me by reminding me if I started to raise my voice, and by behaving so that I would have no need to yell.  The older two were really good at reminding me to calm down if I started to get angry, but about two days after I talked to them about it I found this:

and this:

It took A LOT of self control, but I did not yell.  I felt like I had passed some kind of test (administered by Grace Call, of course).  Then a couple days later I found this:

I was not as calm this time, and I may have raised my voice a little, but I didn't yell.  I couldn't believe she did this to me,  sometimes I think Grace wants to see my head explode.  My commitment not to yell is something I have to take a day at a time and some days are better than others, but I really do hope to get to a point that I never raise my voice at all.  I'm sure the kids will do all they can to help me. ;0

edit:  I'll give you three guesses who was in the bathroom unravelling a spool of dental floss while I typed this post.  Why is she OBSESSED with the bathroom?!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Women

I was recently watching a t.v. show and one of the characters who is the mother of three daughters said something like, "You think that raising daughters is going to be like 'Little Women', but then they are at each others throats from morning until night."  That got me thinking about what it is like to raise daughters and how it IS like Little Women, both the good and the bad.  Of course the March girls love each other and ultimately become the best of friends, but remember when Amy burned Jo's script, and when Amy went to Europe with Aunt March in place of Jo?  (As I think about it I wonder if Kd considers me the Amy to her Jo, hmmm.) There were many less-than-ideal moments in my own childhood growing up with two sisters.  There was the time we tied one sister to a chair and left her there when we were called for family prayer,  and the time I had cockle burs thrown in my hair.  Then there was the time in high school when I was going to try out for the dance team and my sister picked a fight with me the morning of try outs so that I wouldn't want to be on the team with her.  I could go on, but we also had a lot of fun playing games and with dolls and eventually shopping, doing each other's hair and nails, and all the other things sisters do together.  Now I consider my sisters two of my best friends and we can laugh about the crazy, mean things we did to each other when we were little.   I think maybe one of the lessons of Little Women is that it is hard to have a little sister, but if you make it through the difficult times, you will have a dear friend who might understand you better than anyone else in the world.

My little girls seem to have their own love/hate relationship already.  Sophia is usually annoyed with Grace and won't play with her at all and they seem to be yelling at each other and fighting over toys more often than not.  I try to tell Sophia that she should play with Grace and enjoy having a playmate right in the house, but she doesn't get it yet.  Of course, Grace is two and makes it hard for Sophia.  But then there are times when I find them dressed in matching p.j.'s in the middle of the day for an impromptu pajama party, or wearing princess dresses and dancing around and having fun together and it gives me hope that they will be friends.  I just hope they will learn to appreciate each other sooner than later.