Thursday, May 23, 2013

San Diego Trip, Part 1: Sea World

I am finally getting around to posting about the trip we took to California in March, and as I have been going through pictures I realize that I am going to have to do more than one post because we have a lot of pictures!  If you like pictures of my family, you will love this.  Get ready for an overload of Call family vacation!

When little R was about four he learned about Sea World and has wanted to go to see the orca whales ever since.  We have wanted to take the family but it never seemed to be the right time for various reasons.  This March big Richie was supposed to go to Las Vegas during USU's spring break to go to the basketball tournament with his Dad, Grandpa and brother, but that fell through and he decided that we should take a trip to San Diego that week instead.  He decided this about three days before we left, which was a little crazy.  It wasn't the kids' spring break so we got them excused for the week and packed up and drove to California!
We left on March 10 and drove to Mesquite, NV where we stayed over night.  The next day we drove the rest of the way to California.  Richie has a cousin that lives in the San Diego area and she was so nice to let us stay with her.  It was good to get to know her and her family better and she knew the best ways to get into the places we wanted to visit.

Wednesday morning we went to Sea World!  After two days of traveling the kids were really happy to finally be out of the car.

On the drive down, every time we stopped somewhere Grace would ask if we were in California.  She was super excited that we were actually in "Cahleeforneeuh!"

Our first glimpse of the wildlife.

Shamu Show!

More dolphins.

Splash pad where the kids played for a while.

Sophia got a little more wet than she wanted to, but she got over it quickly

Josie watched.

Dad took turns riding with the kids and was pretty dizzy and a little nauseated after going around in circles over and over and over.

After the kids played in the children's area of the park we went to see more animals.

Looking for the walrus.

Looking for a polar bear in a cave.  There was a sound track playing of a sleeping bear and when the sound changed to a bear waking up Sophia got really spooked and couldn't get out of the cave fast enough.


Dolphin show.

Post dolphin show dance.

Richie likes to be a photo bomber these days.

All day long Sophia wanted to get to the flamingos.  She loves them because they are pink.  Grace calls them "flingos".

The flamingos were near a ride called The Manta that little Richie wanted to ride.  I thought it might be a little too scary for him and I was hoping he wouldn't be tall enough to ride it, but he just barely met the height requirement.  His dad asked if he really wanted to ride it and he said he did.  He looked very nervous, but determined and brave, too.  His dad said that any time there was a scary section of the ride he would yell, "AWESOME! AWESOME!" And when the ride was over he said, "That. Was. AWESOME!"  He had so much fun and after the ride he chose a "Manta" shirt as one of his souvenirs.

When we went to see the polar bear she wasn't in her habitat because she was sleeping (which was one of the reasons Sophia got so scared when we heard the bear in the artificial polar bear cave).  Sophia wanted a souvenir that she had seen in the gift shop over by the arctic animals so we went back for the souvenir, and to see if the polar bear was out, and she was!  Afterward Sophia asked us if we were so happy that she wanted to go back to that gift shop because we got to see the bear.  She was really proud of herself that she got us over there again.

It was a long day and we all got a little too much sun, but we made some great memories.