Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The acting bug strikes again

This past semester USU did a production of Jane Austin's Emma, and the director asked Richie if we might let Sophia have a small role in it.  As I was driving Sophia to her first rehearsal I realized that thirteen years ago I was in rehearsal with the same director for Pride and Prejudice.  

Taking Sophia into the theatre was a little like going back in time; not only was it another Jane Austin play directed by the same woman, it also had the same set designer, costume designer, musical director and choreographer.  I was a little unsure about getting Sophia involved in this craziness, but she was super excited about it and she loved going to rehearsals. Several of her favorite babysitters were in the cast and she thought it was pretty fun to be in a show with the big girls.  Even though rehearsals went really late she still thought they were fun because she got do things like pretend to pick strawberries, play with dolls and ride in a real carriage (yes, Lynda put a real carriage on stage).  And there was another little girl in the cast so she had someone to play with during her down time.

I didn't get to see the show, because I was either home with the other kids while Richie was watching the girls back stage, or I was watching the girls back stage.  I snuck in to watch a little bit while they were on stage, but didn't really get to see much.  I heard she was pretty great, though, already a natural. So now she wants to be an actress.  It involves getting dressed up in pretty clothes and playing pretend with lots of fun people, of course she wants to be an actress!  At least one of the four was going to be bitten by the bug.

One of the dressers helped her get her costume on.

I wanted a picture of her in her full costume, but she had gotten her places call, so the little girl who usually loves to pose was very annoyed with me.

She finally posed for me in between scenes.

It was a LONG show and the girls weren't on very often, so they needed things to entertain them.

Dragging each other around with a scarf was a lot fun until Sophia's head hit the floor.  

After the run of the show Sophia was so tired.  The show was three hours long and she was up way past her bed time every night for over a week, but she was still really sad that it was over.  The Sunday after it closed she sighed and said, "I wish we still had wehearsal."  At the same time I was thinking how happy I was that she was done.  I don't think I'm cut out to be a stage mom, but I might not have any choice in the matter.

Friday, June 7, 2013

San Diego Trip, Part 2: The Zoo

 The next day the Calls arrived after driving all night and we went to the San Diego Zoo and the first animals we spotted were the flamingos!

Then we took a bus ride around the zoo because that place is massive and there was no way we would make it all over just walking.  We sat on the upper deck for a better view of everything.

The polar bears were the farthest from the entrance so the bus was the best way to see them.

More animals.

The panda bear.

We did a lot of walking and looked at more animals.

I was there, too!

The next day everyone went whale watching, but I stayed home with Grace and Josie, so I don't have any pictures.  They saw lots of dolphins and a few whales.

On Saturday we left San Diego and went up to L.A. for a quick visit with more cousins.  We passed the temple on the drive and ever since then Grace has called every church she sees the "San Diego Temple!"

After we visited in L.A. for a little while we drove to St. George for the night.  We actually didn't intend to go that far, but it was St. Patrick's Day weekend and March madness time, so it was impossible to find a hotel room in Vegas or Mesquite and there was a softball tournament in St. George so we were lucky to find anything there.  It was a super long day, but then we had less time on the road on the last day.  It was a quick trip, but we had so much fun and we were so glad we did it!