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Garden Fairy

I looked out the window and saw Sophia dressed up as a fairy princess walking under an apple tree and she looked just like a little garden fairy.  When I went out with my camera she asked me what I was doing so I told her I saw a fairy and I wanted to take a picture of it.  Her eyes got huge and she said to me, "WEALLY?!"  and started scanning the area looking for the fairy.  She was so disappointed when I told her that I was talking about her because she was hoping to see the real thing.  She said, "What if there WEALLY was a WEAL faiwy? Wouldn't that be cool?"

Guess who had a Birthday?

My little mischief maker has finally turned three! 
For the longest time she has been telling everyone she meets that, "My birtday's on July!" and she has been super excited for it to come. Honestly, over the last several months I have had to remind myself that Grace wasn't three yet, so I am glad it is finally official.  
This girl brings us so much joy!  She almost always has a smile on her face and she makes me laugh A LOT!  She also makes me want to rip my hair out sometimes with all the trouble she gets into, but I can't imagine life without her.  Grace is so smart and is usually talk-talk-talking. She likes to be taken to nap time and bed time with a piggy-back ride and she loves to "read" books to me, and have me read to her.  She also loves to ride her tricycle and play with her baby dolls. She wants to do everything by herself these days, which causes a fair share of power struggles between us, but she can also be very kind and caring. She is j…

Josie's First Easter

I took hundreds of pictures this Easter and I can never narrow my choices down to just a few because I like so many of them, so there are a lot of pictures on this post, just to warn you. 

Easter morning the kids were all very excited that the Easter Bunny had found our house.  The night before Sophia was up really late because of Emma and was upset because she was afraid the Easter Bunny had skipped our house because she was still awake.  It was a huge relief for her when she discovered that her basket was full of treats and gifts.

Easter outfits before church.

After sacrament meeting we drove to Burley for the rest of the day.  When we got there the kids went on an egg hunt for treat-filled eggs.

Between egg hunts the kids played.

And I took LOTS of photos of the kids.

And we took lots of pictures of the family.

More playing and eating candy!

Then there was the confetti egg hunt.  I'm pretty sure there were hundreds of eggs, there seemed to be no end to the cracking of eggs and…

Freedom Fire 2013

I am still REALLY behind in updating my blog and I am going to post about Easter and everything since, but so that I don't just continue to get behind, I am going to post about 4th of July and try to fill in the gaps later.
Yesterday was Logan's Independence Day celebration, Freedom Fire.  We now live close enough to the stadium that we could walk down for the show.  Dad was performing a number from one of the OLRC shows and I was hoping to get there in time to see it, but getting all four kids moving efficiently in the correct direction is not easy by myself, so it took us a lot longer than I anticipated and we got there just in time to hear the last note of the song.  When we got there we were surprised to find that Grandma Call, Aubrey, Brianna and Deacon had come down for the fireworks show.  
It was a long hot wait for the actual fireworks, but the show was good and the kids were pretty patient.  Sophia didn't like how loud it was and once the fireworks finally start…