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April and May

I am still trying to catch up so I'm going to combine a lot of things.  This is our spring in a nutshell.

I gave Grace bangs.
Sophia lost her first tooth (and then her second not long after).
Sophie played her first season of soccer and Dad was her coach. This spring was pretty cold and it was either windy or rainy for every game.  Her last game of the season was the worst with cold, pouring rain, but the kids still played hard and lots of fun.

Richie played his first season with goalies.  It was a ruff season for him and his team, they didn't win any games, but Richie was an excellent goalie!
There were some nice spring days so I took Josie outside to enjoy them.
On Mother's Day we went to Burley and had lots of wet fun!
As soon as I cut Grace's bangs Sophie wanted bangs of her own.  I finally cut bangs for her a few weeks later and she was a happy little girl.

Now she is over it and ready to not have bangs.  I don't think she is ready for the time it actually tak…