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First day of elementary school

Richie and Sophia started school a little over a month ago.  Sophia was so excited to be starting kindergarten and Richie was just glad to be going back to school so he wasn't bored all day long. Sophia usually sleeps-in but she was the first one up that morning and she came out of her room already dressed. Richie was up soon after her and they both had some breakfast and were ready to go.
Sophia thought making some bunny ears would be pretty funny, but I didn't realize that was what she was doing so I didn't actually get the bunny ears in the picture.
I think Richie felt kind of cool because he is a third grader and Sophia is in kindergarten and he already knows how everything works.  Look how confident he looks walking up to the school with his sister.
But, do you see how his back pack is missing?  I didn't even notice that while I was taking the pictures.
It's hard to believe that this little girl is finally in elementary school.  She has been looking forward t…

Josie's First Year

Josie had her one year, well baby check-up this week.  I figure since that was about a month over due, it's okay that this blog post is, too.  I was going to put up on picture from each month of this first year, but as I was looking through photos, I just couldn't pick one favorite from each month, so this is going to be a whole lot of Josie!

In August we brought Josie home to our little house on the Boulevard and everyone started falling in love with her.

In September Grace liked to spend all her time with Josie.  She liked sharing floor time and I found her in the crib with the baby on more than one occasion.  Luckily, Josie survived all the attention.

October was the month we blessed her.  She should have had her first Halloween costume, but apparently, I was still not on top of things enough to even dress her up and take a single picture.  She went along trick-or-treating, I just don't have proof of that.

November was our trip to Blanding for Thanksgiving and a visit f…

Camping and Bear Lake in August

In August we went camping and to Bear Lake with the Calls.  There was lots of playing in the river and digging in the mud and spending time together having fun.  The kids always love going up the canyon for a few days and going to Bear Lake is a new favorite activity.

Josie had her first taste of sand.  Why do they always put a handful of sand in their mouths?

A little proof that I was there, too.

June and July

In June we took a trip to Blanding.  The kids played and played and played with cousins.

Everybody made friends with Josie.
The family got together to celebrate Morgan and Kate's birthdays.
And Richie and Sophia played with the cousins visiting from Brazil.

The "super moon" was pretty amazing.
We made a pit stop at Wilson Arch to deal with some car sickness on the way back home.
The day after we got home the girls went to the Princess Festival with Grandma Call.  They were so tired, but so excited for the outing with Grandma and they had a great time meeting all the princesses in real life.
In July there was LOTS of bike riding.
Sophia started working on riding without training wheels and within a couple weeks, she was riding without them!  I am so proud of her.
We made lots of trips to the pool in the record-breaking heat.
Richie went down the SCARY slide.
And Josie started WALKING!